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Will Smith bungee jumped at Victoria Falls fulfilling a 20 year dream and got to tick it off his bucket list. He filmed his jump and the footage is awesome!


Victoria Falls offers an amazing bungee jump, jumping into the rainbow mist of the Zambizi River. The jump is 111m and the first four seconds is freefall. The falls are on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world!

Will Smith visited Victoria Falls and did the bungee jump fulfilling his dream after 20 years. Shearwater posted the GoPro footage of the celebrity’s jump on YouTube and his excitement and joy is infectious.

“5 – 4 – 3 – 2- 1 – B-U-N-G-E-E!!!!!!”  You have just 4 seconds to take in the Zambezi in widescreen mode.

In the footage Will Smith shows almost no fear and takes the leap without hesitation. He laughs as he makes the decent and exclaims “WOW” on the way down.

He was cheered on by a large crowd of people all watching on from the bridge. As he is swinging around you get to see the views of the falls around him, he even shouts,

“This is going to be a cool shot, this is going to be a really cool shot!”

“Bungee jumping Victoria Falls, I have been wanting to do this for almost 20 years”

“This is living! This is living right here!”

Once Will is collected by his bungee helper, he asks him what is your name? He responds, Freedom. The two chat about the jump and all the things Will needs to do so he can be set sitting upright. This is Will Smiths first ever bungee jump!

Filled with adrenaline he shouts “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” to all his on looking fans.

It is always fantastic seeing big stars visit Africa, they get to showcase the beauty of the continent to a massive audience.


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