If you’d had enough of news about South African President Jacob Zuma, a new Chrome browser extension promises to provide some relief.

Practically all news media lately has been filled with news of South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma as he manages somehow to flit from one scandal to the other without blinking or breaking a sweat. Just last week, the controversial President was almost forcefully resigned but managed to escape when the opposition could not garner enough votes to impeach him.

So President Zuma has not fallen yet but you could still get a little comfort with a Zuma free internet.

While the fact that his impeachment was not successful may be good news for Zuma and his supporters, it also almost guarantees a front row seat to even more madness as one can be sure that we have not heard the last of Zuma.

So expect the debates to continue, while the accusations fly and the opposition and scarred populace continue to shout how Zuma must fall. It will probably get tiring, but once again, the internet has shown that it is concerned about your eyes and ears.

Digital artist; Mitch Said has developed the ‘Fallen Zuma’ extension for Google Chrome that will remove all mentions of the President from the internet.

“Corruption allegations, Constitutional Court rulings and popular outrage have all proved powerless – until now. Finally, state-of-the-art technology has revealed a method to remove President Zuma (from the internet)…Add this Chrome extension for guaranteed Zuma-free browsing, and live in online world where Zuma has already fallen”.

Installing the extension results in the word Zuma falling and slipping away from the screen, only to be left by blank spaces.

Google Chrome is South Africa’s most popular web browser with a 48% market share according to figures from Statcounter.com.

Even if a Zuma free world seems like a dream, a Zuma free Internet is achieved.


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