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The winter hibernation is nearly over, during the cold nights we binged a few really good Netflix shows and decided to share our recommendations with you.


Spring is around the corner so it is nearly time to uncurl ourselves from our winter blankets and step away from the Netflix bingeing, before that we thought we would share our top 4 eye-opening movies and series that might just change your life.

These are the most inspirational and motivational series and movies we have seen so far. Some may even push you to change your lifestyle.


Prepare to fall in love with a cute Super pig that looks just like a hippo. You first meet the lovable Super pig while she plays alongside her best friend Mija. The story then takes a dark turn when Okja is taken away from her home to be paraded in America. Okja and Mija get caught in the crossfire between an animal activist group and a greedy corporation.

The story was written to showcase the dark and disgusting meat market underbelly. This is a work of fiction based on real life situations.

Grab about twenty boxes of tissues because you are guaranteed a hearty belly sob. You may also become inclined to change to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle depending on how deeply the movie moves you.

It has a star studded cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, Lily Collins and Tilda Swinton. This movie is an eye-opener and highly recommended.

Okja Netflix


Need a kick in the butt for your 2017 Spring clean? Before the credits had even rolled on this documentary we were clearing out the clutter! The Minimalisim documentary tackles the issue of stuff and things.

The documentary is about people rejecting the idea that things bring you happiness. The people interviewed in the documentary all have a less is more mentality and it is kind of infectious. This is the perfect documentary to watch on days when you feel less motivated, it has this funny way of picking you up and pushing you to get going. We would be lying if we said we only watched it once.

The Minimalism guys, Joshua and Ryan also run a really cool website and host challenges to help people slowly start decluttering.

Another goodie similar to this is ‘Little Houses’, which they briefly cover in the documentary. Unfortunately that documentary is not currently available on the South African Netflix package.

Minimalism Netflix


Girlboss is based on the real life story of Sophia Amoruso, the Founder of Nasty Gal Vintage and author of best selling memoir #Girlboss. The show has been highly criticized in the USA and was canceled after just one season. While these opinions may be valid we actually really enjoyed the show and so did most of our family and friends.

It highlighted the struggle of a misunderstood generation. This is a must watch for anyone that wishes to set out and carve their own path instead of falling into the social norms of career standards.

While we wouldn’t give it a full 5 star endorsement we will recommend it to anyone that will listen, it really is worth a watch. It probably won’t change your life but it may motivate you to go out and fight for your dreams which is the first step to changing your life!

girlboss Netflix

Living on One Dollar

Living on One Dollar is a documentary filmed by four friends who decided to see what it is like to live in extreme poverty. The friends head to Guatemala for two months and have one dollar a day to survive.

The documentary is eye-opening to the struggles that affect the poorest of the poor across the world. What is really amazing is that some of the people that the guys meet live in tough conditions but they live really happy lives.

This documentary helps you realise the value within your own life, helps you re-assess the feelings you may have about your own struggles and gives a great perspective of living within your means.

Dollar Netflix

There are many many more series, movies and documentaries available online so this is just a few of what is out there. We are always looking for something new to watch so share your top picks with us and we will give them a watch.

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