6 Metre Giant "Discovered" Along Nottingham Road!
Photo Cred: Brahman Hills | Supplied

A mysterious giant sculpture has appeared along Nottingham Road, unveiling a captivating tale of folklore and intrigue, inviting visitors to explore its mythic origins firsthand.


South Africa (02 May 2024) – Travellers along the N3 southbound have stumbled upon a captivating surprise – a towering six-metre sculpture mysteriously nestled just past Nottingham Road.

This enigmatic figure, bearing a striking resemblance to a face, has ignited curiosity among passersby, setting social media abuzz with speculation and wonder.

“Can anyone explain the recent appearance of the sculpture of a ‘face’ visible from the southbound highway, just after the Nottingham Road interchange?” queried one intrigued observer, encapsulating the collective intrigue surrounding the newfound landmark.

Some likened the sculpture to a guardian gargoyle, speculating its potential role in fending off mythical creatures and malevolent forces. Yet, amidst the flurry of conjecture, Orrin Cottle of Brahman Hills stepped forward to shed light on the mysterious presence.

“After months of reported sightings in the area, it has now been confirmed that we have what appears to be a giant living right under our hill!” Cottle revealed in a statement, unveiling the extraordinary revelation to the public. “We don’t know much about him and are too scared to ask. He just showed up one misty morning, his enormous head halfway emerged from the hillside, ominously peering at the freeway and his home at Giants Castle.”

Legends of giants, steeped in folklore, suggest a deep connection to the earth and a profound understanding of nature’s delicate balance. According to Cottle, experts speculate that the sculpture may symbolise a sentinel tasked with observing humanity’s impact on the environment and intervening when necessary to preserve harmony.

Adding to the intrigue, Cottle unveiled another astonishing discovery – the mythical Medusa, concealed within an underground grotto.

“According to legend, Medusa was once a beautiful maiden cursed by the gods, turning her into a hideous creature with snakes for hair, and whose gaze would turn any who looked at her to stone,” he shared, inviting locals and travellers alike to explore this captivating narrative firsthand.

Visitors are cordially invited to Brahman Hills to behold the mysterious giant and Medusa, albeit with caution.

“We would love you to come and check out our giant and while you are here, explore Medusa’s grotto as well, but please remember not to get too close and aggravate him and whatever you do, avoid eye contact with her [Medusa],” Cottle emphasised.

Renowned rugby icons Stefan Terblanche, Duane Vermeulen, Hanyani Shimange, and Tendai “Beast” Mtawarira, along with guests attending the Brahman Hills Experience from 10-12 May 2024, will be among the first to encounter these mythical wonders up close.

For those yearning to be part of this extraordinary adventure, it’s not too late to join the Brahman Hills Experience. Secure your spot now and delve into the mystique of Nottingham Road’s newfound guardians.

Sources: Brahman Hills
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