charcoal peel off mask fail

Social Media users have been posting video’s of their Charcoal Peel off mask fails ever since a wave of cheap masks hit the markets. Here is how to avoid it!


Video’s of people suffering through charcoal peel off masks are fast becoming the most trendy beauty fail video’s on the internet. One user became so famous for her agonizing video experience that Ellen invited her onto the Ellen show and gifted her a basket filled with a years supply of Face Masks.

Recently Facebook users Tiff and Cari posted a hilarious video that is quickly going viral. Tiff was filmed removing a charcoal peel off mask she had purchased on a Facebook Promoted website. They posted it in the hopes of making the public laugh.

“My wife and I make videos to make people laugh! So, if we succeed, please, let us know!”

To avoid this happening to you, maybe don’t buy these kinds of things on Facebook. Websites like Amazon and Ebay are also filled with fake copies of official brands. If it seems too good to be true it probably is, check the price compared to the real product that is usually the first indicator.

So the best advise would be to stick to reputable stores such as Clicks and Dischem. Clicks and Dischem both supply charcoal masks and well as peel off masks from various brands like ‘Freemans’, which offers masks in 1-use sachets and bigger bottles for multiple uses, and Clicks even have a house brand.

They supply brands that have peel off masks for specific places such as your nose and chin. They come in packs of 5 or 6 so you get a few uses. If you head to your local toiletry supply store and ask someone that works there, they can direct you to the isle you need.

Its really hard not to cry laugh through this video! We advise you keep the volume down if you are in an open office environment and we do not take responsibility for loud laughter this video will induce!

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