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Charity shops are the hidden gems of our society, and we often don’t know there is one close by until it is pointed out, so here is one we found and loved.


Randburg, South Africa (16 March 2021) – The concept of charity shops is actually brilliant as it is an effective way to donate and rid your home of unused items. The items are then sold to the public, and the proceeds are used to maintain the charity for which they operate.

The Randburg SPCA has a beautiful charity shop and book store, and we happened to pop in there earlier today to make a donation.

Imagine walking into a room and having your eyes dazzled by wall to wall items that are unwanted by someone but perfect for someone new. It is a magical feeling. That was what it was like walking into the charity shop. There were stunning vintage items, unique artworks, books that will make any bibliophile swoon and some great large furniture items.

If you have a charity shop near you, you have to pop in for a visit. We came up with a few things that make them so amazing. Take a read below.

Benefits of Charity Shops:

  • You have a place to send your unwanted goods. Spring cleaning now has a meaningful purpose.
  • Charity shops often have affordable hidden gems, whether they are older books, vintage clothing or useful household tools. Expensive ‘vintage’ shops thrift these places and add markups to the items.
  • Contributions to the shop go back to the cause it supports, so buy something or donate something to make a difference.
  • You get to see first hand the charity you support as shops are usually on the same premises.
  • Your items find new homes instead of going to the dump—Yay for the environment.
  • Volunteers run the shops, supporting them gives people who sometimes can’t work a purpose.
  • They are also a great place to recycle; most charity locations will have paper and glass bins to help them raise extra funds.
  • Ask the people who work there is you are looking for something in particular; they may have something in the storeroom or keep an eye out for you.

Things to remember about shopping or donating:

  • Always donate things in working order, like puzzles with all the pieces or appliances that work properly. It is unfair to discard your useless stuff at a charity that is desperate for funds.
  • Books, good clothing and bric-a-brac are always a safe bet to donate; call ahead for other things to check if there is space.
  • Double-check the sizing of clothing before you buy them, and don’t be afraid to try them on.
  • On that note, wash all clothing you buy from a charity shop. Before making your donations, wash the items you send in. Not all of them have the facilities to wash items beforehand.
  • Anything can be DIY’d, so go with an open mind and go often so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Forget the idea of glamour; get down and dirty finding the hidden treasures.
  • Put things back where you found them.
  • Take your own shopping bags.

Sources: SPCA Randburg
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