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YouTube and Facebook have been flooded with video’s of colour blind people seeing colour for the first time thanks to Enchroma glasses. We share some of the reactions. Grab some tissues!


While scrolling through our Facebook feed today we stumbled on a video that made us feel really touched and happy for the person in the video. It was of an old man seeing colour for the first time thanks to the Enchroma glasses.

Colour blindness affects about 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women across the globe. It’s often misunderstood as being the total absence of colour, but there is actually a spectrum of colour blindness, ranging from the inability to see red, green and blue light to extremely rare cases in which people can’t see colour at all.

“The glasses are based on over ten years of science. They work for four out of five red-green color blind people. It would be appreciated if your story notes that the glasses do not work for everyone and that they do not provide 100% color vision. Enchroma glasses enhance the vibrancy and saturation of certain colors and improve color discrimination, depth and detail perception. The user’s typical experience takes about 5-15 minutes for an effect.”

The mans family all put money together to buy their father/ grandfather a pair of the Enchroma glasses for his 66th birthday. He is filmed giving his very first reaction which will guarantee happy tears and then later his family shows him the ‘Angry Birds’ movies which he is blown away by.

Another emotionally moving video we found was of two brothers that were both colour blind and they tried the glasses on and burst into tears!

While you’ve probably had a good cry remember that it’s not a sad cry, its exceptionally exciting seeing someone experience the world for the first time just like the rest of us!

What do you think of these?

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