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There has been a rise in near-drowning incidents so the NSRI has issued a safety alert that applies for the holidays, urging people to stay beach safe and aware.


South Africa (24 November 2023) – The NSRI have launched a campaign called “Let’s Keep Each Other Safe” in the hope of raising awareness about water safety, no matter where you are. Whether it’s staying beach-safe, pool-safe, dam-safe or river-safe, if you plan on being near water this summer, here is what you need to know:

“We are appealing to everyone to adopt safety in all activities this summer season.

Bathers at beaches should only swim where and when lifeguards are on duty – swim at the safer swimming zone lifeguards post at our beaches – obey the lifeguards for you and your family’s safety

Beach bathers, shoreline anglers, and coastal hikers at the coast be aware of 2 high tides and 2 low tides around the coast every day – be aware of rip currents that suck bathers out to sea.

During the full moon phase and during new moon phase there is a phenomenon called a SPRING TIDE that brings higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides that can cause stronger than normal rip currents

Inland bathers at rivers, lakes, dams and swimming pools – only swim with a floating object for safety and be safe – don’t venture in too deep and don’t get out of your depth – if you get into trouble in any coastal or at any inland waterway simply stay afloat and don’t panic – use the air in your lungs for floatation and tread water moving your arms and legs in circular movements.

Parents, always ensure responsible sober adults supervise children while they are swimming

Boaters, paddlers, surfers and sailors – download and always use the NSRI SafeTrx smartphone App when out on the water – carry and know how to use your safety equipment – a referee whistle, red distress flares, cell phone fully charged in a water-tight plastic sleeve – have safety top of mind always and let’s all see the new years and 2024 through safely on our South African waters”

The NSRI is run by volunteers, many of whom are giving up their own holidays, to keep the public safe during the December holidays. We can all make their jobs easier by raising awareness about staying beach safe and alert.

  1. Swimming Safety:
    • Only swim in designated areas where lifeguards are on duty.
    • Pay attention to lifeguard instructions and stay within the safer swimming zones.
  2. Coastal Awareness:
    • Coastal enthusiasts should be mindful of the daily high and low tides.
    • Stay vigilant about rip currents that can pose a threat, especially during spring tides.
  3. Inland Waterways:
    • Use floating objects when swimming in rivers, lakes, dams, or pools.
    • Avoid venturing too deep and stay within your depth to ensure personal safety.
  4. Emergency Response:
    • If in trouble in any waterway, remain calm and afloat.
    • Save the emergency number 112 to your phone
    • Learn CPR
  5. Supervision for Children:
    • Parents ensure responsible and sober adults supervise children while swimming.
  6. Boating and Watercraft Safety:
    • Boaters, paddlers, surfers, and sailors are encouraged to use the NSRI SafeTrx smartphone App.
    • Carry and know how to use essential safety equipment, including a referee whistle, red distress flares, and a fully charged cell phone in a water-tight sleeve. Wear your life jacket.
  7. Safety Precautions:
    • Keep safety at the forefront of your mind during all water activities.
    • Let’s collectively ensure a safe passage into the new year and through 2024 by being vigilant on South African waters.

Sources: NSRI – Supplied
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