Don't Panic! A Message of Hope for South Africa!
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A mysterious “Don’t Panic” campaign has finally revealed itself… empowering South Africans to live securely and confidently.


South Africa (20 May 2024) – In the past few weeks, an intriguing message has captured the attention of South Africans far and wide. “Don’t Panic” signs have mysteriously appeared on street pole adverts, stickers in unexpected places, social media pages, and even on the iconic Table Mountain.

This message of calm in the middle of chaos has sparked curiosity and speculation.

Aliens? Artificial intelligence? Political conspiracies? Loadshedding woes? The list of possible explanations was as imaginative as it was varied.

But the truth behind the “Don’t Panic” phenomenon is even more inspiring. This campaign is the brainchild of Namola, South Africa’s most trusted safety app, dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens anytime, anywhere.


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Since its inception in 2016, Namola has transformed from a government-technology partnership aimed at improving response times between the SAPS and the Tshwane community into a comprehensive smartphone app. Today, it serves over half a million South Africans, offering access to the largest network of public, private, and neighbourhood emergency responders. Its smart alerts and state-of-the-art location-sharing technology provide a robust safety net, while the ‘Namola communities’ feature fosters collective security and support.

South African celebrities like Siv Ngesi, Darren Simpson, Nadia Jaftha, Lasizwe, and even Good Things Guy founder Brent Lindeque have joined forces to promote this initiative, working with esteemed publications such as the “Daily Maverick”, “I Love Fourways” and yes, you guessed it, “Good Things Guy”. Their involvement has amplified the campaign’s reach, reinforcing the message that living without panic is indeed possible.

@lasizwe Replying to @NtsakisiSe Guys! Don’t Panic. It’s @Namola, asiphileni siphepheni. Download the Namola app today!#DontPanic #Namola #ad ♬ original sound – Lasizwe

Namola is South Africa’s most trusted “Don’t Panic” safety App, keeping you safe anytime, anywhere

Peter Adolphs, CEO of Namola, articulates the mission behind the app perfectly: “We’re not just another app. We’re not trying to capitalise on government failings, but rather provide a real and meaningful solution to fill the gaps. Namola provides proactive safety features that enable people to feel and be safer, in addition to providing everyone access with the help and care that they need, when they need it.”

Namola’s commitment to public safety is evident in its offerings. While there is a premium version called NamolaPlus, the app also has a free version that will always be available.. and always for free! This ensures that all South Africans have the opportunity to live safely and freely, regardless of their financial situation.

Why is this good news?

Because in between the myriad of challenges we face as a country, there are solutions at hand. By simply installing this App on your smartphone, you gain access to a powerful tool that allows you to embrace a “Don’t Panic” lifestyle.

This initiative exemplifies the resilience and innovation that South Africans are known for, turning a simple message into a movement of empowerment and safety.

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Sources: Namola 
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