Ellen DeGeneres kicked off her 1 million ‘Acts of Good’ in September and has been sharing inspiring stories from her EllenTube platform with her audience.


We have never met a single person that doesn’t love Ellen DeGeneres! She is loveable, funny and a little bit cheeky but she also believes in spreading kindness and encourages her viewers to do so every single day. Her catchphrase when closing the show is “be kind to one another” and now people can share their stories of kindness with Ellen.

As part of a 1 million ‘Acts of Good’, viewers can share their acts of good on the EllenTube platform. You can become inspired by others or inspire people with your act of goodness.

Ellen’s first act of good was to give every person in her audience a single piece of cereal. Obviously joking about the cereal she asks her audience about rescuing dogs and then gives a man $500.00 for his rescue dogs.

Collectively, we’re on a mission to achieve One Million Acts of Good! Join the movement, and your story could end up on the show, on Ellen’s social media, or in a web video!

From holding the door open for a stranger to planting a tree – no act of good is too small! Ellen and Cheerios want this to be a hub for inspiring and encouraging good!

Anyone can submit their good deeds and if it is a good one, Ellen will have it on her show. A person can submit a picture or video, write a story or even post to social media using the relevant tags. You can find it all here. You can see one of the incredible stories below.

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Sources: EllenTube
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Tyler Leigh Vivier is a writer for Good Things Guy.

Her passion is to spread good news across South Africa with a big focus on environmental issues, animal welfare and social upliftment. Outside of Good Things Guy, she is an avid reader and lover of tea.


  1. My sister volunteers many hours on top of working full time with Alzheimer’s patients using Bruno Mars music. Amazing how they come alive and even recognize family members even if only for a short time. For some unknown reason his music has created the best results. She put headphones on them and sits directly in front of them with family members. I have pictures and videos if requested. You have such a platform Ellen for my sister to tell her story and to get the message of music out there for this horrible disease. We both watch your show everyday and it would be a lifelong dream to meet you.

  2. These gentlemen decided that because bus drivers don’t get breaks on their route in Hamilton, they would make sure they got them a coffee. They had the drivers take a survey and the coffee was given at the next stop to the drivers delight!

  3. My sister Marianne is 63 years old and has worked hard all of her life and has raised two children all alone. She is always doing for other people always. Givivg groceries to people who were hungry,volunteered to visit people who were in need and I can’t begin to say what she has done for me. Im handicapped and no matter what my needs are she drops everything for me.Im wheelchair bound so taking care of me is not easy. I thank God each and everyday for family. My husband who is 68 and my son and his family moved into our house to care for. ELLEN ISN’T GOD GOOD?

  4. Hi Ellen, Just a suggestion please. Re. tusks and horns of Elephants and Rhinos being poached/slaughtered. I’ve seen on Facebook that there is an organization that stains or paints their tusks and horns pink/lavender rendering them useless to the poachers. I know you love Elephants. Can you somehow get involved or fund this operation? Please. The You.

  5. Hi Elllen , This is Asha from India . I am your biggest fan and I have been following your shows in you tube almost everyday. I have learnt a lot from you. The kindness in you made me recognise myself . I always wanted to be hellpful and kind to others . Thank you for helping to realise my potential and I am spreading the kindness in the beat possible ways I could . Of all the hurdles that I have come across , God always helps me witness great people who helps me to keep going . And your one among them . Thanks for the good message . Love you Ellen.

    1. I would like to Join in the Kindness Camphaign . I am in the process to settle as a English professor and I would like to work for the welfare of women in India . And I would like to Definitley join your campaign I am ready to lend my support .

  6. I think a mom named Micki deserves to be recognized for her “71 acts of kindness”! Every year on her deceased mothers birthday who died from brain cancer she sets out with her 2 grade school daughters to feed food to the homeless, pay it forward at a fast food lane, hand out a flower to someone in a grocery store, leave an inspiritional message under windshields in a parking lot, leave money in a returned movie to pay for the rental, buy and hand out doughnuts, and haven’t figured this out yet but it has something to do with dog food! I can’t remember all the other things she has done but I’m in awe of what she’s teaching her daughters! I don’t know when she started this but it might have been before you did?
    Thank you for your consideration!

  7. Hi ellen i am 46 years old and have dedicated 27 years of looking after alzheimers patients .i suffer from depression and havent been able to work for 3 years .but those patients became my purpose my love for my job they became my family .thank you for your acts of kindness.

  8. Dear Allen my Daughter Stephanie has always help others then herself. She has 3 Daughters and working non stop to make sure that they have everything that they need. she is working so hard that she has no time to spend with her children because she is working so hard to make sure that they have everything that they need. She is working 7 days a week. every week. Ellen she is so young and working like a older person like myself, that it makes me sad. she needs help/ and I am so sad that I can not help her. But being as kind as you are thank you Ellen.

  9. The act of kindness person I wish to let you know about..is my sister. You see this past week our dad was found in driveway had fallen and couldn’t get up.my step mom who he takes care of was in the house (she has Alzheimer’s). Well neighbors found him about 11pm while taking out trash. Ambulance called. Neighbors took my mom.. they also took her to hospital. I live in ny.my other sis lives in san Jose and our younger sis lives in San Diego.. we didnt get in contact with her until next day.. my sis works hard but doesnt have alot, but her heart is enormous.. me and my sis sent money and our sis kim went to our dads side immediately leaving job,apartment just to care for our parents. She says she is not leaving. She is where she is suppose to be.who does that her heart is golden.caring.please can we honor her.her car broke down. She cant pay rent on her own place because she is taking care of our dad and mom. We are trying to get things in order for her to get paid while she cares for family
    Everything is soooo slow.i saw your show which I dont get to watch all the time..what I noticed is I smile everytime I watch..i see you really truly care about PEOPLE.

  10. Acts of kindness Fransel McCoy she’s the owner of Fransel’s Edibles/Joy In A Jar. The reason why I’m contacting you about Miss McCoy because she make the best fruit bouquets. And she is the queen of pineapples. But she works with her heart every time somebody passes away at the church of a family member of the church.she’s always donating bouquets she’s always giving bouquets out for birthdays,anniversaries, Mother’s Day Father’s Day. She even have a fruit bouquet door prize on Sundays at church.I’m trying to figure out how she make money is she always giving. So I asked her why she always giving out fruit bouquets?and she said it is a great pleasure for me to give because it’s better to give than to receive and she said I’m Doing It With My Heart. Just blew my mind. She don’t have to know the person that she is giving the arrangement to she.just need to know who family it is,where they live? where they work? so she can get the arrangement to them,she’s awesome! Now that’s acts of kindness.Thank you.

  11. Fransel McCoy she’s the owner of Fransel’s Edibles/Joy In A Jar Co. She’s always donating fruit bouquets pineapple trays two people that lost a loved one that have a birthdays,anniversaries, she go tothe hospital. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day .you cannot miss you camiss Miss McCoy she’s always donated and she’s always giving she even give fruit bouquets on Sundays at church.
    She’s not rich at all she just have a good heart.and she told me it is better to give than to receive and she’ll tell you in a minute that is scripture and she believed in what the word of God says.

  12. My 10-year old daughter is on a mission to save endangered animals, especially sloths and giraffes. She used her Christmas money to adopt a giraffe, and she is now saving her own money to donate to a shelter in Costa Rica, where she volunteered (during our family vacation). When she was 7-years-old, she figured out that animals were meat and became a vegetarian. I was hoping it was a phase, and I convinced her to at least eat fish. Then we made the mistake of taking her snorkeling and it was all over. No more fish either. She loves Ellen and wants to have a sanctuary when she grows up, so even if she doesn’t win, I just wanted to share that she (and I) are really enjoying your mission to bring positivity into the world.

  13. Hi Ellen watching your show on March 12, 2019. I saw those two young men that got excepted to college of Charleston S.C.; how happy you’ve made them. I was greatly touch. It Reminds me of my grandson Morgan Jones III, who love school Morgan attends the University of Delaware his second year, his dream is to become a doctor the ones that you see on the football/basketball field helping player when injured. Morgan is a straight a student. He have a long winter break; during winter breaks all Morgan wants to do is take a class during this long break but didn’t have the funds; classes are $6000 being a single parent it’s hard. Could this be an ACT OF GOODS/KINDNESS. Ellen if he doesn’t win keep up the good work. I’m a retired grandmother Ellen; got a job to help Morgan and loving every minute of it. I want him to take the next class.
    Thanking you in advance

  14. When Morgan comes home for summer break he volunteer to do good deeds for young children such as being a coach for little league with the BOE or taking on a class of 25 young children at a summer camp, some of whom have special needs. For such a young ages Morgan has paid his dues in society; where some of us having started.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read and reply to all Act of Good

  15. My families home is falling down I’m not sure how to help my parents with living check to check… Money isn’t important but I just wish my mom and day had a better home to live in..

  16. Just wanted to tell you about my neighbor who is an 84 year old lady. Jean Walmsley spends hours every week working in our church food bank. She cleans and organizes it, shops for it , packs the bags, hands out the bags, and takes car of the paper work , She learns the patrons needs and desires and knows them all by name . She tries to fill as many of their needs as she can. She has expanded our food bank to include cloths household supplies and toys, She does not drive so she walks to the church to do these task. She is so grateful for any help but never ask unless it is for a ride to the grocery store, She is an amazing Christian woman who truly gives from her heart with no expectations of recognition. She was given a $300. award from a local TV station for her work and she used that money to buy more food. She is very humble hardworking and gracious, and she truly gives from her heart. When I am working with her I feel like I am learning from Mother Teresa.

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