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Learning new skills to be self-sustainable and sharing resources is on the rise as South African groups flourish, welcoming people to learn more.


South Africa (10 June 2022) – South Africans are picking up new skills, all in an effort to take the strain off of the bank account and become more self-sufficient and community-driven. There are communities in South Africa that help teach all kinds of new skills to those wanting to learn.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was to be more involved with a community of like-minded individuals. Communities for everything began to spring to life during the pandemic and today are more vital than ever!

Today, people are more self-sufficient than they were two and a half years ago. Many people started making their own bread, learning to make simple cheeses, brewing kombucha and fermenting every kind of food they could get their hands on. Some took to gardening or raising chickens, while others simply started supporting local farmers and artisans instead.

As life becomes more expensive and money doesn’t go as far as it used to, more people are finding themselves taking an interest in making things at home, from scratch. As this happens, they stumble onto communities that thrive on sharing experiences or information and sometimes even resources too. Sharing and bartering are also coming back.

We have seen several seed swaps organised by gardeners in South Africa, and often we see people sharing their SCOBY cultures for kombucha or passing along a sourdough starter. These things inspired us to share a list of local groups that will help any novice find their own community on their journey to more self-sustaining behaviours.

These groups cover the whole of South Africa, but they can also point you to smaller groups that are more specific to a province or town, skill or trade.

Culture Exchange South Africa

The Culture Exchange was created so people with a love of fermenting could exchange products and cultures needed for various foods. If you are interested in fermenting foods, making cheese, brewing Kefir or Kombucha or simply making sourdough, this is the group for you!

Organic Free-Range Chicken Keepers of South Africa

Who doesn’t love free eggs? Urban chicken keeping is on the rise, but there is so much to learn, so joining a group of people who can help you troubleshoot any problems or offer valuable tips for saving money is a great thing! The Organic Free-Range Chicken Keepers of South Africa is filled with people willing to help with any chicken-related questions.

Self Sufficiency & Sustainable Living (South Africa)

This group is a go-to for any topic related to becoming self-sustained. From gardening and meat curing to animal raising and going off-grid, this group has thousands of people who have done it and thousands more looking to start. Self Sufficiency & Sustainable Living is a great place to start if you want to learn about everything.


There are so many groups for vegetable gardening, and within these groups, communities that focus on seed saving, trees, medicinals, and so much more. We have in the past shared a helpful story about learning to garden and how to get started, which you can read here, but the groups are where the accurate information is.

Sadly, most literature online is geared towards the Northern Hemisphere, and local garden novices can feel very overwhelmed trying to sort through all the information. That is why finding local gardening groups is essential. People learning to grow food in Durban are going to have a very different experience to people growing in Pretoria. Below are some groups you may find helpful.

If there isn’t a group related to one of your hobbies or passions, create one and bring people together.

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