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Several young men got to watch the movie “What About The Boys?” which helps champion the anti-gender-based violence movement in South Africa.


South Africa (17 August 2023) – While Women’s Month is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of South African women, it also serves as a platform to raise awareness about the persisting violence they face. It is against this backdrop that the screening of the What About The Boys? movie took place this Saturday (August 12) as part of a national programme that aims to cultivate a generation of men who understand the importance of gender equity and respect for all.

The movie kickstarted the 2023 launch What About The Boys? movie and education programme that will involve the participation of over 15 000 High School boys across the country over the next few months. The Johannesburg launch was attended by boys from Liberty Community School and the NGO Rays of Hope.

Apart from the movie, the What About the Boys? programme encompasses multi-media content – including an educational booklet and online resources, as well as ongoing mentorship sessions – in order to deeply engage boys in discussions about their identity, new norms of masculinity as well as gender-based violence and its impact. First implemented in 2022, the annual programme seeks to foster a deeper understanding of toxic masculinity and harmful stereotypes that perpetuate violence against women. Furthermore, it aims to challenge traditional expectations of manhood that contribute to the problem by introducing positive male role models to promote and demonstrate healthy, respectful relationships.

“Encouraging men and boys to become allies in the fight against gender-based violence can create a transformative change in societal norms and attitudes, ultimately leading to a safer environment for women,” says Martin Sweet, the MD of youth-development specialist Primestars.

The company announced significant enhancements for the 2023 rollout, including an expanded school footprint, increased MENtor participation and deeper work in evaluation and impact. These are based on the results of a monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy undertaken with the first What About the Boys? beneficiary cohort, which showed how the inaugural programme aided a shift in attitude and behaviour around bullying, violence and sexual harassment observed at participating schools. Long term, the company aims to establish GBV councils at schools to encourage youth to collaborate in advocating against GBVF.

“By addressing harmful attitudes and behaviours at an early stage and encouraging positive role models for boys, the program plays a vital role in creating a more inclusive and safer society for women and girls in South Africa,” adds Sweet.

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  1. If the filmmakers spent enough time studying the US’s relationships hellscape they’d know that the way forward is to not virtue signal and turn boys into activist for women.
    African boys are being neglected in the name of woke western politics and this nonsense will bite back later.
    Sou Africa is doing everything to push girls ahead of boys without any merit whatsoever. The boys they are punishing for being boys didn’t do anything wrong to anyone yet there is a Take A Girlchild To Work Day.. none for the boys. School programs are being invented by organizations chasing brownie points in the ever expanding virtue-signalling bonanza, but ask yourself where boys end up when the girls get all the opportunities and the boys are now angry, jobless, penniless young men with nothing better to do that steal, rob or kill to survive -> they become abusers not only of other strangers but their girlfriends and spouses.
    The girls you are putting on pedestals will not marry down. This has been proved over and over in the so-called West. They will chase the top 20% of men and neglect the 80% of unemployed youth resulting in severe problems which you probably don’t care about because you will have got your social justice warrior points and moved on anyway.

    It is a pity that we are champions of parroting whatever is the cool thing in America but America is in a death spiral as a civilization, one where the birth rate has tanked and is on its way to becoming unsustainably low that by 2100 it is projected there wont be anymore Americans as we know them. Watch “BirthGap” on YT for details.

    This film is just adding fuel to the fire trying to make boys, who are already victims, to be activist for the very same people for whom they are abused and neglected. I am an employer and I have found never to hire women as i do my part to hire some boys to give them a shot in a very sexist system.

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