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If you love your pups and want to celebrate Mother’s Day with them, we say go for it; this is how to spend this coming Sunday if you have Fur-Kids.


South Africa (09 May 2023) – Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate and appreciate all the women who have taken the role of a mother. We take this opportunity to shout out all the fur moms who take care of their furry bundles of joy every day. Living with a companion is incredibly rewarding and enriches your life in many ways. Your beloved pet offers you comfort and unconditional love with a presence that can brighten your day.

Being a pet mom is no easy task! Your fur babies require work and attention, but it is always worth it. As a pet mom, you have your hands full as you feed, groom, and take your baby for regular vet visits ensuring they are healthy and make time for all their fun outdoor activities. It is amazing how these precious babies will always show their appreciation, whether it’s your pup wagging its tail and jumping for joy when they see you or your kitten curling up on your lap, purring with happiness. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

How to spend your Mother’s Day with your fur baby

Watching your babies grow and develop into their personalities is an amazing experience for you as a pet mom. Your furry children surprise you daily with their quirks and antics that make them even more special. You have endless reasons to celebrate this wonderful day with your furry baby. But how do you spend Mother’s Day as a fur mom?

Make your Mother’s Day extra special for you and your pet by planning an exceptional activity together, you could:

  • Go on a long scenic walk or snuggle up on the couch and binge on your favourite shows.
  • Treat your baby to their favourite snacks or meal and spend quality time with them.
  • Or you could plan to play an exciting game of fetch or any activity that prioritises your furry best friend’s love language.

A cheeky puppy that loves playing hide-and-seek prioritises quality time as its love language, while a cat that rubs up against you for cuddle time appreciates love through physical touch.

If you’re crafty and have a creative flair, you can make a personalised gift like a unique dog toy, an accessory, or a photo album of your most treasured moments with your fur baby. Take many cute pictures and videos to keep and share with family and friends. This will give you a fun and creative project to tackle, and you will forever capture these unforgettable memories with sentimental value. Looking back on those moments in the future will be a great way to remember the love you share with your pet.

Mother’s Day is a time to recognise and honour all types of mothers, including fur moms who play a vital role in caring for their furry companions. Celebrating this special day with your pet can be a unique experience that strengthens the bonds between pet and pet parent. Hopefully, you can create meaningful moments and celebrate the love and joy shared. This Mother’s Day, we recognise and continue to celebrate the role fur moms play in their pets’ lives.

Source: Boehringer Ingelheim – Supplied
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