Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers are creating breast prosthetic’s for woman that have had mastectomies in their fight against breast cancer. It’s changing lives!


The concept was started a few years back in the USA when Barbara Demorest consulted her doctor after her mastectomy surgery. She was unable to have reconstructive surgery and it was too soon after the op to start wearing a silicon prostheses. So the doctor gave her a knitting pattern.

Knitted Knockers was started in South Africa in 2014 when Dana Biddle, the owner of Colourstun met Ruth Archer at a fundraiser for a quilting event. Colourstun dyes natural yarns and wool. Ruth told Dana that her sister had been sent a pair of Knitted Knockers in Australia. Dana was very passionate about this idea and that’s when she started Knitted Knockers in South Africa.

Knitted Knockers are softer and lighter than any other prosthesis, much more comfortable to wear and can be placed in any regular bra. The knitted fabric breathes and prevents the heat rash & discomfort experienced by many women wearing the silicone ones.

The knitted breasts quickly received attention at a local quilt festival. The interest was so big that Dana started making kits. The kits consist of the pattern, cotton yarn and merino wool stuffing.

“At R50 the kits are sold at cost and proceeds go back to making more kits. No knitted knocker is sold, they are gifted,”

“We have women of all walks of life – from those at the Helen Joseph breast clinic to top private hospitals needing and preferring the knitted knockers,”

Volunteers knit knockers from kits containing the approved Pure Cotton Yarn, Merino fill and pattern in 6 different flesh colours so that every woman has an option. They are putting the spring back in cancer survivors steps!

The Knitted Knockers website has everything you need to find out more or you can email them here! You can become a Knocker Knitter or you can request a Knitted Knocker(s).

Knitted Knockers

Sources: Sunday Times
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