MasterChef contestant Khayakazi Kepe will be at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth serving delicious meals at their artisanal night market.


Khayakazi Kepe is a Masterchef South Africa contestant with a passion for dainty dishes. She will be showcasing her culinary talents at the Goodnight Market at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth this evening, September 21 2017.

Kepe and her team will offer delectable pulled pork roosterbrood, chicken burgers, pork belly with Asian slaw and out of this world spiced coffee-rubbed roast beef.

Kepe describes her food as a ‘fusion of everything’. Her culinary combinations are evident when you read some of her menu items, like ‘confit pork belly with hoisin sauce and citrus BBQ pulled pork’. She always dreamed of cooking but started small and under the guiding hand of her grandmother, she flourished into the chef she is today.

Kepe was one of six children and she grew up in the small village of Mlamli in the Transkei.

“I’ve always loved cooking and I was doing it as early as five years old. We’d use tins as pots and I used to go into the kitchen at home and bring out ingredients to go and play with my friends.

“Then, when I went to Cape Town for the first time, when I was 10, my grandmother introduced me to baking and flavours that I had never been exposed to before.” – Khayakazi Kepe 

Kepe was a contestant on Masterchef South Africa and came sixth overall. She used her passion for baking to get into the contest.

“Before entering the competition, I had the itch to move into food but never really had the courage to take that leap of faith. It became my springboard really.”

She has used the market to launch her ‘Dainty Bites’ brand and further her cooking career in the food industry.

“I wanted to find a platform where I could launch myself within the PE market. The Valley and Goodnight markets were those places.”

Best of luck for the future Kepe, we cannot wait to see what you cook up!

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