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The University of Johannesburg has announced that its researchers have found a potential new anti-cancer drug which could change the face of treatment forever.


The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has announced that its researchers have found a potential new anti-cancer drug that will effectively kill cancer cells. The dose will be 10 times lower than that of Chemotherapy.

The researchers have confirmed that the silver-based compound may prove to be effective against cancer whilst also having a significantly lower toxicity than chemotherapy drugs.

“The most promising complex among these has been successfully tested in rats and in several human cancer cell lines in laboratory studies. The complex is as effective against human oesophageal cancer cells, as a widely-used chemotherapy drug, but at a ten times lower dose, and much lower toxicity against non-malignant cells.” – The University of Johannesburg

According to the researchers, Oesophageal cancer is currently resistant to all chemotherapy drugs on the market so these test results are incredibly promising. The compound is being called ‘UJ3’. Other tests were run on breast cancer cells as well as Melanoma. The compound targets cancer cells specifically, meaning that healthy cells have more chance of survival, unlike in chemo treatment.

The silver compound will be much cheaper than chemotherapy which is platinum-based. The research is promising, however, more research is required to determine whether UJ3 can effectively treat cancer in humans. If this compound proves to be a success, it will change the face of cancer treatment across the globe.

You can watch Professor Marianne Cronjé, Head of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Johannesburg and her team explain the new compound below.

Sources: LeadSA
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