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New parents are facing a whole new world, learning to balance their new baby’s needs along with the excitement of friends and family; as a friend, this is how you can support them!


South Africa (28 May 2020) – When a friend has a new baby, it is common to say, “Just let me know if you need anything.” Then he or she says, ”I will!” – but the ongoing coronavirus crisis has changed a lot of things. Since you can’t do things which you otherwise could, you might find that some of your plans would have to be thrown aside. This includes visiting and helping out a friend who recently became a new parent. There might be some questions in your mind right now about how you can help them during this unprecedented time. Therefore, it’s important to have a plan ready.

Here are five ways you could really help your friends, during this precious time in their lives.

Give them some space

Ever since arriving at home with the baby, your friend has been receiving hundreds of text messages, calls and emails from everyone who would like to hear how things are going with the baby. The idea of responding to everyone can be stressful. One of the greatest things you can do is give your friend permission to totally drop off the grid. Let them know that you’re absolutely there if they need you, but otherwise, you’re going to give them time to totally relish every moment with their newborn. 

Offer specific, practical help

Between changing nappies, breastfeeding and sleepless nights, the chance of your friend cooking up a delicious 5-star rated meal every night is slim to none. Family and friends are always eager to help out by offering to make a delicious meal for the new parents. However, during the national lockdown, no one is allowed to visit or even drop off some food for anyone. If your friend resides in Cape Town, why not order something from Gia’s Kitchen?  This local food supplier specialises in making nutritious frozen meals which are designed for customers’ freezers, providing the ultimate convenience for readily delicious meals at home. They also offer a variety of dishes via online orders and delivery to your door. Perfect for busy new parents who are dealing with a thousand things at once.

Keep visits short 

When the lockdown is over, and everyone can do as they please, friends and family might look at this as an opportunity to meet the new baby in person. This might be a slight problem for the parents who are still trying to figure out their baby’s sleeping schedule. So, if you’re planning on visiting, be sure to let them know the exact time of your visit and try to stay for only 30 minutes or so. If you arrive early, you’ve likely thrown your friend completely off track and, if you overstay your welcome, know your friend is probably dying to get some rest.  

Show up with practical gifts

Let’s be honest, the last thing your friend’s baby needs is more clothes! They probably have enough clothing to last until the age of two. If you really want to help your friends out in a big way, buy some diapers or even a less expensive gift like wet wipes. That’s something which will always come in handy whether you’re using it to wipe the baby’s bottom or using it to wipe off the surfaces around the house

Surprise your friend with an everlasting gift

You will give a treasured gift to your friend if you collate all the images and wishes from when the baby was born into a digital album like the one offered on the ForKeepsApp. Collate and save these records of a special time in your friends’ lives at a time when they won’t be able to do so themselves. 

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