Pink’s child wants to marry an African woman and her response is the best!

African Woman

Pink shared a sweet story during a recent interview about when her daughter told her that she wanted to marry an African woman, Pink’s response warmed our hearts.


Pink is one of the coolest moms we have ever seen and it is all because of how she responded to a conversation with her daughter. Willow had mentioned that she wanted to marry an African woman and without a millisecond of hesitation, Pink responded in such an awesome way!

“Last week Willow told me she is going to marry an African woman. I was like: ‘Great, can you teach me how to make African food?'”

“And she’s like: ‘Sure mama, and we are going to live with you while our house is getting ready.’ I was like, ‘What the f**k, who are you? Who is paying for this by the way?'”

The singer turned a moment that is usually handled very differently into just another conversation thus normalising the idea of loving whomever you want. In this innocent exchange, Pink taught her daughter to be exactly who she is and we love it!

Pink is attempting to raise her children in a gender-neutral environment where all their development as children into adults can occur naturally and without social labels.

Pink strongly believes in a gender-neutral society that allows for self-expression and exploration for children.

“I was in a school and the bathroom outside the kindergarten said, ‘Gender Neutral – anybody’, and it was a drawing of many different shapes. I took a picture of it and I wrote, ‘Progress’. I thought that was awesome. I love that kids are having this conversation.”

We think Pink is one awesome mother!

Sources: Mirror UK
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