Reality Show Chaos and Kindness

The new reality show is called ‘Chaos and Kindness’. The show follows the band ‘Recycled Percussion’ on their adventures and random acts of kindness


The reality show features the band Recycled Percussion, the band started over 20 years ago and now have a headlining show in Vegas where they perform over 600 shows a year. The band uses everyday items like power tools, ladders, buckets and trashcans, turning them into widely varying sounding percussion instruments.

“Since Justin Spencer formed Recycled Percussion in 1995, the band has been unstoppable. Their junk rock music became a national phenomenon week after week during their smash hit performances on America’s Got Talent in 2009.”

The first episode is an introductory episode to the band members and how they operate. They also perform their first act of kindness in this episode.

The band speaks about how they are heading to the Superbowl to perform and how they should take a fan with. They put out a request on their social media for their fans to nominate a worthy recipient to join them at the Superbowl. Never in their wildest dreams did they think they would get the response they did. We won’t spoil it so check out the first episode below.

“This show is going to be awesome. We have all put a lot of effort into this, and it is a cool show,” said Spencer. “We are very proud of it.”

“What makes this show so special is that it puts a capital ‘R’ on reality. We want to tell these stories as real as possible, and there are no retakes,” he said. “Viewers will either be laughing or crying because the stories are so powerful.”

The band believes in authenticity which is why the whole show is self-produced, directed and edited by the band. There are 12 episodes of this series. To keep updated about new episodes check here.

“So in a world full of chaos, remember its up to each and every one of us to show a little bit of kindness”

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