Sowing Kindness

The foreign short is a story about sowing kindness and how it will grow and spread. The moving video was released for the Lunar New Year.


2017 is destined to be a better year, three months in and already we have seen many beautiful moments. Vimeo user Le Huy Anh shared a video on the platform a week ago that has the power to unlock all kinds of emotions.

“A from-the-heart wish for all of us to find “peace and tranquility” in 2017’s Lunar New Year.” – Le Huy Anh

While the short in not in English and there are no subtitles available they are not needed, the language of kindness is universal. Anyone that watches this will be able to understand what its about. Its about passion, love, giving, understanding and above all, kindness.

The short was created for Vinasoy, a corporation that wants to promote kindness where ever it can. Vinasoy is a leading Vietnamese soy brand which is where the soy in the story originates from and where the idea of Sowing Kindness was born.

“At Vinasoy, we stay true to what we value most: kindness, appreciation, equality and support. We believe that the real added value of life is human relation”

“Every act creates a ripple with endless possibilities”

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Sources: Vimeo / Vinasoy

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