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The DIY website Nifty owned by Buzzfeed shared a video on how to make shelters for stray cats before winter arrives so they can be protected from the cold


Nifty is a division of Buzzfeed, it is a DIY video website that posts various kinds of DIY content. Recently the website posted a very clever and necessary DIY that will benefit stray cats on their Facebook page.

As winter encroaches these DIY cat shelters are brilliant and will be a great way to offer protection to stray cats.

The shelter is made out of a large plastic container with a smaller insulated container that has a warm blanket inside. The website offers recommendations to people on how to build their own shelters, they also give tips on what to use for different climates like rainy weather and so on.

“Give them a cozy place to rest with this insulated cat shelter by recycling some of your old stuff.”

“If the weather gets damp and cold, straw is better for the bed.”

If you would like to build one of these cat shelters you can get all the instructions from Buzzfeed here.

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Sources: Facebook / Nifty / Buzzfeed

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