Sonny is an incredibly talented artist using his skills to create awareness for South African wildlife. He has travelled the world creating street art that starts conversations.


Sonny, a South African Street Artist, is creating a conversation with his beautiful work. He started the ‘To The Bone’ project to bring awareness to the abuse of wildlife. The title image of the Elephant is just one of his many pieces that have an important meaning.

He created the elephant to speak out against US President Donald Trump. In the caption for this stunning piece of street art he says,

“So Trump tried to undermine years of conservation efforts to protect our majestic elephants! If he gets away with reversing the ban on bringing hunting “trophies” of these endangered species into the US it will seriously impact elephant populations and reverse so much hard work at such a critical time! Let’s not let this happen!”

Powerful right? But it doesn’t stop there! Sonny has an extensive and global portfolio fighting for a wide range of wildlife icons. Sonny has painted a large Grizzly Bear in Canada, a Lion in New York, a mural on an aeroplane at Lanseria Airport and the giant Elephant in Johannesburg.

His artworks are available to purchase for homes and wherever else with a portion of the profits going towards conservation. In each artwork, he paints an animal and half of it has the skull exposed. On that skull, he paints tribal patterns that come from the animal’s country of origin.

The artwork is symbolic of how quickly these animals are disappearing.

Lanseria Mural of a Wilderbeest
Grizzly Bear in Canada bringing awareness to trophy hunting in British Columbia
Project CAT in SoHo New York, bringing awareness to the plight of Tigers
The Far Eastern Leopard painted in Russia to bring awareness to the most endangered big cat in the world
Rhino and Child in London brings awareness to the dire state of Rhino Poaching in South Africa

These are just a handful of the works he has done. Everything you need to know about this project can be found here.

Sources: Facebook
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