Summertime Hands up, while driving a convertible.

In order to get you Summertime road-trip ready, we’ve put a list of things that the friendly service station pump attendants can assist with!


Summer holidays are just around the corner & with it come the memorable road trips to your favourite holiday destinations.

While driving is cheaper than flying, a few quick checks can help ensure your trip is trouble-free and you arrive without car problems. Here’s our top 6:

Use the best possible fuel

Use the best fuel possible to assist in fuel efficiency, to improve fuel economy, deliver enhanced engine protection and maximise power.

The new Clean & Glide Technology in Caltex’s fuel does exactly that! It has active ingredients that have been specifically formulated to clean and protect metal surfaces within the engine.

Check your Oil

Like the car battery, most of us are guilty of neglecting the oil in our car engine. Yet when the oil in our vehicle gets old and dirty, our car does not function properly. And, if the oil burns off and the level gets too low, the car will not run at all.

Ask the awesome attendants to check & top you up as necessary via the cap at the top of the engine, and remember to give the oil time to run down to the sump before rechecking the level.

Other Fluids are important too

While engine oil is arguably the most important fluid in your car, it is not the only fluid your car needs. Engine coolant, windshield washer fluid and water for the radiator are each critically important. If one is low or missing, it can spell disaster for you and your carefully planned road trip.

As with an oil, getting the fluids in a vehicle topped up is relatively inexpensive and having the fluids at the appropriate levels will keep your car running smoothly and you and your family safe.

Check Your Tyres

Get the pressures right at a garage – if they’re wrong you’ll burn more fuel, wear the tyres and suffer poor handling.

Taking time to inspect your tires is one of the smartest things you can do before going on a road trip.

Check and Clean Your Car Headlights

Headlights are important for day and nighttime driving. Check your headlights to ensure that all bulbs are working and that none of them look dim.

Also important is to clean your headlights by wiping off the plastic covers. You’ll be amazed at what a difference cleaning the headlights can make in terms of the brightness and strength of the light beam.

Stops, Snacks, Toilet Breaks & Maps!

Take a break every 2 hours… get a snack, have some coffee or pick up a paper map for when your digi-map battery fails, yup, those things really do happen.

Caltex have over 700 stations around the country in convenient stops to help give you the best summer road trip possible!

Happy holidays, safe travels & only good things!

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Sources: Caltex

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