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CNN showcased South Africa’s unique market of alcohol and how the international world is falling in love with it. They’ve been discussing all our Artisanal Brandy and Gins.


South Africa produces world renowned unique alcohol. CNN honours some of the best spirits in the country by documenting their creation in interesting video’s.

Cape Town is making a name for itself in the Brandy industry, its turning its best wines into the worlds best brandies. In 2016 South African Brandies won over 40 medals at the International Spirits Challenge and the International Wine and Spirits competition.

Artisanal Gins are also being created in Cape Town using herbs and spices indigenous to South Africa. This gives the gins a unique and local flavour. A gin industry has been born in the Western Cape, it all started with Roger Jorgensen nearly 4 years ago. Today there are over 20 gin producers in the Western Cape.

“We must have 20 gin producers in the Western Cape. Now we have an industry, we have credibility, we have traction in the marketplace. We have a news-worthy story and we’ve got a genre of products that South Africa can be proud of.”

The gin producers use a diverse range of flavours to create unique products. Hope on Hopkins is a distillery in Cape Town that produces 9 different gins for various other companies. The industry has also created a need for gin specialty bars, places people can go to try various local gins.

“The gin bars that have grown up in Cape Town have become legends in a very short space of time. We feed into that, and they feed off us, if you like. It’s a symbiotic relationship. They are able to attract customers, which will give a great deal of exposure to our gins, our brands. They need us to feed that market.” – Roger Jorgensen

Unique Alcohol

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