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Paws R Us are selling special wine to help raise funds to feed their rescue dogs. The animal rescue and re-homing group are calling on wine lovers to help!


Paws R Us have come up with a very clever campaign to raise funds for their animal rescue organisation. They are selling a variety of wines branded with a selection of the best dog models from their rescue organisation.

Each wine is branded with a dog that has a personality to match. The wines available are a Merlot, Rose, Pinotage, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Brut.

“They have been specifically chosen because they each represent a theme or issue or cause that is close to our hearts.”


The wines are being sold for R 100.00 each and half that price goes directly to the Paws R Us which is a registered non-profit company and animal rescue group. To date they have sold just over 200 bottles!

Each of these wines arrive in your hands bearing their unique labels, and packaged in a simple, elegant box. They make the PERFECT GIFTS for yourself, or for others – whether it be for a birthday, a special meal, or “just because”

Paws R Us relies on funding to remain operational, they use the money raised to support the rescues in kennels and purchase quality food for the dogs. They also pay for monthly kenneling bills and monthly rescue vet bills. The non-profit company employs kennel staff so they are also involved in job creation.

Their website hosts information about the rescue group but the thing that stands out most is the love and passion they have for saving animals in need. They posted a very beautiful quote,

Let it never be said that we chose to do nothing, when we have the talents, and the passion, and the ability to do something.

If you are interested in supporting the cause with some wine you can get more information here.

Wine Paws R Us

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