Random act of kindness proving that 2018 will be the year Racism will fall

A random act of kindness is inspiring thousands of South Africans, while showing us all that together we can make 2018 the year that Racism will fall!


Tshepo Judge Dijana stopped along the highway to help fellow South Africans in need. His story about his random act of kindness has been shared thousands of times, giving hope to everyone that reads it!

This is his full story:

Thoughts on racism: Just had the most interesting encounter!

Just off the Soweto highway I stopped to help the most unlikeliest characters Dannie and Joost who were stuck and had ran out of petrol.

To describe the scene when these two realised that a black man had stopped to help them was priceless and the story goes on – when talking to them and realising they did not have money to get the required fuel or even ask for a lift to the petrol station – imagine their amazement when I said let’s go get fuel after which we drove to the nearest fuel station.

To say the conversation in the car was ackward for Dannie is an understatement as he was still dealing with the fact I had stopped to help – citing the fact that he’d and Joost his brother have been standing there for two hours after going to see his wife at Baragwanath hospital – as she’s suffering from sickle-cell anemia. On our way back we got to speaking with him about the state of South Africa and how we need each other even African and Boere relations, blacks and whites – all he had to say was were you born here? To which I laughed and said born in Soweto – he still could not believe it.

Now back at the car, Joost proceeds to fill in the car and he turns around with near tears in his eyes and says: ‘Thank you brother!’ They start the car and I hand him R100 at this point Joost’s face is dumbstruck and I bid them a little prayer in Yeshua’s Name and at the end they say ‘Siyabonga Mfundisi’ with looks of amazement and confusion – priceless…

This coming year, my prayer is we as South Africans need to show kindness to each other. and pay it forward in Yeshua’s Name…

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