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What would you do if the government imposed a nationwide curfew on men at 6pm daily? A simple question sparked a serious conversation in South Africa.


Chant Ella also known as “that girl” asked a simple question on her social media: Ladies I want to ask, if the government imposed a nationwide curfew on men at 6pm daily. What are some of the things you would do? I want to see something.

The replies were so sobering and have started an incredibly important conversation. If men were locked up every night at 6pm, most women would feel free.

PunkyStarFish said: “I would sit in my car in a shopping centre and response to all my WhatsApp messages I received whilst doing chores, without fear of being a sitting duck just waiting to get attacked.”

Slay Queen commented: “I’d go running while listening to music through my headphones. I’d sleep with my windows wide open. I’d go have drinks and then go out dancing with my friends.”

Hwli Human replied: “Oooh! I would go late night shopping on my own! I’d walk home from places at night. Like I could go visit a friend at her house and walk back. I’d go see fireworks!”

Moving Sushi posted: “Long walks. Glass of vino on the sidewalk without having to bring along something to say “don’t bother me,I’m unavailable”,walk some more with my iPod in my ears actually on so I can hear some music and not have to turn it down when on a corner.Go dancing by myself. Walk home.”

Donna agreed: “The responses to this…. 😭😭😭. So many women just wanting the freedom to dress as they wish and walk or run without being accosted.”

Ayanda replied: “Evening runs, park car and walk from restaurant to restaurant, sidewalk cafes, use public transport, attend late night movies, not worry about dress code (whatever length skirt & high heels).”

Men also weighed in on the conversation, and were saddened by the perception but willing to create that space for the woman of South Africa.

Frank Mogope replied: “Wow gents, is this us? We’ve fallen so far that if we weren’t there for 12 hours that most women would just enjoy an evening walk/jog.”

Lizo agreed: “Sad day for humanity indeed… but we brought this on ourselves as men though.”

Alex stated: “We don’t need to be locked away for you to be safe. We need to stand up and make South Africa safe for you, and my promise is to do that for all of you.”

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