Youth Dear South Africa with love - A Message To South Africa: We Are Going To Be Okay!
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Deborah Aremband wrote an open letter to South Africans who have moved abroad, to let them know that we are okay.


Johannesburg, South Africa (02 July 2022) – A passionate South African has written an open letter to South Africans who have moved abroad, and it’s something we should all read.

Deborah Aremband wrote the letter and has given us permission to publish.

Read it below:

In London and Sydney, a buzz can be heard in the air this week. The humming of ex-South Africans mumbling “Thank G-d we left” and “Did you hear? They’re on Stage 6 now” and “I didn’t even know there was such thing as Stage 6; I thought it was like lockdowns peaking at level 5.”

Yes, to all the ex-South Africans who have ascended to the light countries where a reliable, steady stream of electricity is provided, we can almost hear you from down here, justifying your move, and we’re ok with it, but we respectfully decline to follow you.

We will stay, for the unicorn.

Let me explain. South Africa has a natural energy (pun intended), an x-factor that cannot be put into words. The magic that exists here is intangible, and although we have a few eccentricities (which family doesn’t?), we feel it deep in our hearts.

Now, if someone had to offer you a car or a unicorn. Which would you choose? The car runs very efficiently, it’s reliable, you fill it with petrol, and it will take you where you want to go, but a unicorn! A unicorn is magical, it may not run reliably on the predetermined route you set out for it, but it will fly, taking you to places you’ve never seen before.

This is how I view South Africa. Places like London and Sydney will provide their citizens with dependable systems that keep the countries regulated and methodical. Yes, South Africa sucks at many of these aspects, however, there is nothing that can replace the beat of the African drum, the authenticity of our people and the magnitude of opportunity that exists here like a magical spark in our land.

Having lived overseas, I’ve heard those hushed, somewhat guilty voices gossiping about load-shedding and potholes, but you know what I heard next? “At least I’m safe here, but I miss home, there’s no place like South Africa.”

It’s not just the Bokke and boerewors they’re missing, it’s something ingrained in their hearts and minds. A pulse coursing through their veins.

People who have moved to other countries will forever cherish fond memories of their childhood here, how South Africa shaped them into the people they are today. She asked for no thanks in return; she just let them go, like a mother accepting that her children need to leave her nest and move on to make their own way in life.

All I’m asking those people is this.

Don’t feel sorry for us, the ones who stayed behind. We’re ok, and we’ll make it through the load-shedding with our inverters and our candles. And we’ll swerve around the potholes with immaculate precision to get to our destination.

And we’ll be just fine because… we’re riding on the back of a unicorn.

Sources: Deborah Aremband 
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