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An ANC branded car has been caught illegally in a disabled parking… and found itself clamped.

A tweet is going viral of what seems to be an official political car illegally parked in a disabled bay. The reason its being shared like wildfire, is because the driver who may have thought he was above the law, has found himself clamped.

ANC car clamp 01 ANC car clamp

Dean Macpherson, an opposition party member tweeted the pictures from Durban an hour ago showing the clamped car.

It has since been shared hundreds of times across all media platforms with others adding their voice.

Parking in a disabled parking is not only illegal but quite disrespectful.

The solution to accessible parking abuse is much more than just naming and shaming, and it’s much more than just enforcement. You have to go deeper; it takes a grass-roots effort.

People who see red when drivers park illegally in disabled bays can now have those cars removed by calling 086-167-2226.

The South African Community Action Network will contact the shopping centre’s management or the police to remove vehicles from bays designed for disabled drivers.

“When a member of the public calls with a description and the location of the vehicle, the duty manager will contact the shopping centre and tell management to move the vehicle,” network spokesman Lachlan Nicholson said.

He said the network would call police to remove the vehicle if centre management ignored the call.

QuadPara Association of SA CEO Ari Seirlis said: “Some people just cannot resist the temptation of an empty wheelchair parking bay.”

Disabled bays are reserved for wheelchair customers as they are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

“Many people who have a limp, a crutch, a walking stick, emphysema or are short of breath, feel they have a right to use this space. They do not,” Seirlis said.

He said disabled drivers should display a legitimate sticker from an accredited disability agency.

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