Western Cape Rain rainfall

Just a day after the Cape Town’s Council approved the implementation of tougher water restrictions, the city woke up to massive thunderstorms.


South Africa is being urged to conserve water and to use water sparingly due to the severe strain as a result of the recent drought. Concerns are also rising as the levels of Dams continue to drop drastically in what is being called South Africa’s driest year in centuries.

The increased restrictions essentially mean that the use of drinkable water for non-essential purposes will be further constrained.

Dam levels had dropped to 40.4%, said Limberg.

“The National Department of Water and Sanitation [earlier this month] pointed out that the South African Weather Service had predicted a reduced likelihood of chances of above normal rainfall country-wide between January and April 2017. They implied a dam level recovery rate of beyond three years,” she explained.

“Therefore, unless there is a rapid and significant change to rainfall patterns, there is still a long road to recovery and that we face the possibility of yet another ‘not-so-wet’ winter, they reported.”

The city woke to a glorious thunderstorm this morning, which is out of normal weather patterns for Cape Town as rain usually only falls in the city during South Africa’s winter months.

Nonetheless, Twitter has reacted accordingly:

Water restrictions are still in place and must still be implemented in all provinces. According to the government, the country is presently still in a drought situation.

The rain we’re experiencing is only a marginal relief from the drought.

When the rainy season stops we could find ourselves in a worse-off condition if water saving strategies don’t become a daily habit for every single South African.

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