The trolls came out by the dozen with horrid comments on Caster Semenya’s personal social media page, after she posted photos of her wedding but the overwhelmingly positive outpouring of love and support from the majority of South Africans quickly took over.


The South African gold winning Olympic athlete Caster Semenya and her long-time partner, Violet Raseboya have officially tied the knot.

Semenya and Raseboya celebrated their special day on Saturday in Cape Town and quickly became the trending topic on Social Media.

Semenya posted a photo on her personal Facebook page celebrating their wedding day which found many social media users, commenting in the most hateful way…

Mubadekanyi Augustine Liabara posted: “Lets not claim and say “As long as she is happy” A woman cant mary a woman and so as man…Crazy world we liv in”

Mhlezehletshwa Ndlovu added: “This marriage is disgusting they are worse than dogs and pigs .sieees .”

But it only took a second before all the social media trolls got completely shut down with South Africans from all walks of life celebrating love with thousands of messages of support and love.

The comments of congratulations and celebration out-weighed the negativity completely and the outpouring of love showed everyone where the majority actually stand!

Bev Campling posted: “Good on you Caster – always stay true to who you really are and love yourself for what you are 💕 Wishing both a long and happy marriage.”

Mpolokeng Gifted Kolokoto posted: “Some of you hating on this union can’t even afford to pay lobola, you’re still renting a room with your girlfriend. Having so-called sex before marriage, hypocrites!”

Mikhail Hendricks added: “Caster Semenya has added so much to our society and has added sterlingly to SA’s reputation abroad (even with this beautiful act of love). Now… all you nobody’s want to come and spew hatred towards her and her union?! Get outta here! You ain’t shit!”

Clinton Lang said: “Amazing how those hating on Caster claim to be Christians. Didn’t your Jesus say that you should love your neighbour as you do yourself? Didn’t your Jesus say you should not judge another, otherwise you will be judged? Hate if you are so narrow minded, but don’t think God hates Caster.”

Claire Holden posted: “Congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, love and laughter together. You both look stunning and your commitment to each other and your truth is an inspiration.”

Nasheetha Singh commented: “Congrats to the beautiful couple and lazy haters must stop hating. You will never accomplish as much as she has or brought her family and this county as much pride if her attitude and mind was as short sighted as yours”

Bonny Nkosi added: “#HomophobiaMustFall Tsek to all the haters!! “Oh it’s a sin” – Your face is sin! What kind of Christian promotes hate?! Sies maan! #CongratulationsCaster”

Gary Mephistopheles Rhoda said: “This makes me so happy. Gender non-conforming people are expressing their right to commit to each other. Marriage doesn’t belong to anyone. Make it yours Mokgadi.”

Mabebeza Ntuntu posted: “They look incredible. Oh they have great taste! The bride is so gorgeous in her gown even Caster looks stunning in her glamorous jacket. Wish them a blessed union. All those that are judging she already said “Tsek to you”. Why are you bothered when they are not doing any harm to you? Indeed live n let live!”

Judy Govender commented: And in other news, Caster is having the time of her life, with her beautiful wife, raking in gold medals, making loads of money, while sad haters post unfunny comments on facebook, nothing better to do. Shame. At least they’re giving Caster something to laugh about should she happen to read these comical comments. Because you can’t hurt her anymore….she is so over you. Congrats, Caster and Violet! Keep rising.”

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