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“We are the re-united divided, who aren’t afraid to be bruised because we are already so broken. The problem with us South Africans is we have nothing to lose – be careful that you aren’t just uniting us more. Those who are broken and rebuild are often stronger,” writes Samantha Jacobs.


Johannesburg, South Africa (20 March 2023) – An open letter to Julius Malema on the eve of his political party’s planned “National Shutdown” is going viral for all the right reasons.

Samantha Jacobs wrote the letter to remind South Africans that as a nation we cannot be divided any more than what our “leaders” have already tried and really, we must remember that we are stronger together.

Read it below.

“Dear Julius,

On the eve of your big protest, I write to you with no fear. South Africans are long past being intimidated and listening to politicians who promise so much and deliver very little.

Your planned action tomorrow may be in the name of eradicating load shedding but in reality, it is just to win some votes next year.

It’s also free airtime that the media has foolishly given you.

Don’t worry about us on Monday.

We have learnt to become some of the world’s best drivers, dodging potholes, hijackers and even coordinated dancers at traffic lights.

We time those traffic lights and start slowing down long before to avoid smash and grabs, all the street vendors and of course the many people begging – for R2, help or even a job with their CV in hand and engineering degree in the other.

We have learnt to avoid, swerve, re-route, smile in all aspects of life – and even wave – so good luck for tomorrow.

Many will miss work, but what really is 8 hours when we miss the very same to load shedding each day? We will reschedule (we are so used to that) and we don’t even need a stage change to do so.
We just get on with it for the most part.

Tomorrow you will try to provoke violence, but that’s also nothing new, especially to the many women in our country who have had to deal with abusive men. Those women are stronger, so my hope for tomorrow is that you meet a CrossFitter who is RX-ing her WOD on William Nicol – watch out for her!

Apparently, if you strike a woman you need to make sure she isn’t a pro at deadlifts.

I worry about the truck drivers, who have had to endure years of assault, being at risk of being set on fire, part of arranged hijackings (from the very top) but I see a strength, especially from those who do three round trips to Cape Town a week, all whilst pulling a super link trailer – if only you had the skills they have in one hand to reverse park their 18 meter long vehicles – our country would stand a good chance.

I think about the children, the ones you mentioned won’t be at school because of this but am soothed by the fact, the real actual one – the schools being on school holidays.

So know when schools are closed tomorrow it’s not because you w)on(e – see what I did there?

I’m glad their education won’t be affected, it really is important for small minds to be expanded.

Whilst no one knows what tomorrow may bring, or how much of this you will pull off, it’s important that you know we can’t be divided any more than what our “leaders” have already tried.

We will always be the most resilient nation. We will continue to come together when it’s needed. We will be the ever-surprising country that comes out in force like we did in KZN, to show unity when least expected.

We are forever the people of the most incredible country led by the most uncredible.

But the fact that we pull off so much, despite all of this, makes us phenomenal.

We are the Springbok-wearing, Jerusalema dancing, hard-working, plan-making, social but caring “boets” who innovate, reciprocate and never hesitate because we have to endure so much.

We also have the best memes.

We are the re-united divided, who aren’t afraid to be bruised because we are already so broken. The problem with us South Africans is we have nothing to lose – be careful that you aren’t just uniting us more.

Those who are broken and rebuild are often stronger.

Happy Human Rights Day.”

Sources: Samantha Jacobs 
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  1. Hear here! We see through the games and agendas. Every time the politicians do this, they make themselves more irrelevant! We don’t need this government nor their planned opposition! We the people can take care of ourselves!

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