The Brand Alive Group’s ‘Enable’ initiative has taken on one of the most important community initiatives of our time, Father A Nation (FAN), in order to give it the strategic focus, understanding, and visibility it needs to create a powerful difference.


Based on the principles of ‘love, guide and protect’, Father a Nation (FAN), a community intervention initiative designed to create a positive change in our communities and ultimately heal our men, was formed to address the issue of absent fathers.

FAN is not only focused on restoring men, but the organisation also empowers single mothers by teaching them how to reverse the negative impact of absent fathers. FAN also teaches and equips boys and young men with tools that will enable them to grow up into strong, responsible, loving, respected and respectful men.

Absent fathers are the root cause of the many socio-economic problems that our world is currently facing. *Studies have shown that men who have grown up without a father are more likely to be involved in crime. **Shocking statistics indicate that 80% of rapists are motivated by displaced anger, and 85% of children with behavioural problems come from fatherless homes.

The ‘Enable’ initiative was created by The Brand Alive Group in 2015 in order to accelerate the Group’s ability to add meaningful and sustainable value to important social upliftment causes. Says Group Chief Executive, Giles Shepherd; “We realised that simply donating money to causes was not having the kind of impact we wanted, but that the professional brand Discovery, Establishment and Expression services we provide can create significant and long-lasting impact. Our first project was the development of innovative education institution, The Love Trust, which provides high quality, Christian-based education to desperately poor communities in South Africa.

“We built a powerful strategy for The Love Trust, followed by an exciting, relevant brand identity, a positioning statement and subsequently created three very powerful and emotive brand films to convey the institution’s important messages to various marketplaces.”

FAN has been in operation since 2013, and has already made powerful inroads into communities. Craig Wilkinson, founder and CEO of FAN, says; “The time has now come to ‘ramp up’ the image, understanding and awareness of the initiative in order for it to make the kind of impact it deserves. In partnership with Brand Alive Group’s ‘Enable’, we have already created a new positioning statement – ‘Raising Great Men’ – designed to encapsulate the essence of the NPO – and a value set; Love, Guide, Protect.

“The strategy in development is paving the way for the creation of a series of FAN-based leaders – including powerful ‘elders’ around the world that will take on the mantra and fly the flag of the vital importance of positive male influence on society – both from a grass-roots perspective (young boys and men) and from the perspective of men and fathers in communities.”

Arising from this strategy will come a number of go-to-market initiatives and Expressions designed to create the attention and acceleration the brand deserves.

Sources: FAN
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