For South Africa: Springboks' Unyielding Quest for Victory and Unity
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“Chasing the Sun 2” portrays the unyielding spirit of the Springboks as they strive to win for a fractured South Africa, serving as a powerful reminder of unity, resilience, and the refusal to lose.


Johannesburg, South Africa (21 March 2024) – Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch the first episode of “Chasing the Sun 2”. SuperSport invited us to the premiere of the second season of the remarkable series, which hits our small screens on March 24th.

The first season seemed to come from nowhere and became an instant hit. It told the story – behind the scenes – of the Springboks, a team battered and bruised, with very little prospect of victory at an international championship, rising from the ashes to take the coveted crown in 2019. It gave us all the feels with real, raw moments that showed us the human side of our beloved rugby team. It was all about their hearts and how their belief that we are Stronger Together is at the core of everything they do.

Who could forget that emotional moment when Rassie re-told the story of Mapimpi and his jersey?

A second season had very big rugby shoes to fill.

We sat down in the theatre at Multichoice City, celebrities, media and a select few Springboks. The lights went dimmer and the first episode started.

Suddenly, we were all transported back to 2023. 10 days before that first match with Scotland. I felt immense anxiety, even though I knew the final outcome. The storytelling is unreal. And it’s packed with a whole lot of heart.

But the undertone of this season was very different from the first.

“We are the only thing that works in South Africa,” Rassie says to the team. “We have to win. For South Africa”.

Scenes flash to a group of kids playing rugby. An old ball. Torn clothes. No shoes. Then to a man standing outside his home. A rondavel. He’s sweeping his stoep. In the background, you can hear the match. And then to a bar where South Africans are getting ready to watch the game. Together. And then to more kids playing rugby. More people getting ready to watch the match. In the stadium. In their homes. Sitting around a radio. At a bar. Together. Watching our Bokke.

Siya looks at the camera and speaks about the hardships of our country and how rugby truly unites us. It’s more than just a game to us, and more than just a win. He speaks about the massive responsibility the team has. They have to win – for South Africa.

We all know the realities of living in South Africa. We seem to lose at so much. All the time. Everything seems to be against us. We have one of the highest crime rates in the world. Our unemployment is also in that bracket of being the highest in the world. Our government is so corrupt that it actually makes me feel ill. Just getting from your home to the shops is a bladdy arduous task… potholes, loadshedding and the price of woolies bags. It is a lot. Crime. Corruption. Poverty. Hate. Sadness. Terrible leadership. The list is almost endless.

But the Bokke understand how powerful – and important – a win is for our country.

And it’s this “refuse to lose” spirit that embodies our nation.

Everything is stacked against us but we refuse to lose.

We really can learn so much from the Bokke. And this show. The first episode is filled with so many valuable lessons.

Team work. Equality. Strength. Leadership. Passing the responsibility to someone who is capable (when you’re not). That stronger together is not just something we say but something we do. That we are a broken nation. But we are resilient. That the rest of the world might not get it – hulle weet nie wat ons weet nie – but that sport does unite us. And it reminds us who we are – a nation that refuses to lose. We will fight to the end to win. Oh, and how our “national word” could very possibly be f**k – you’ll understand this when you watch the first episode.

I honestly believe this series should be mandatory viewing for everyone who works in the higher ranks of our government.

The team don’t mince their words.

Our country is broken, but we are not. And we are all doing this for South Africa. Everything we do is for South Africa.

Imagine if our government did the same?

Actually, I am hoping that Supersport will make this available for the whole country to watch. For free. Ja, premiere it on Sunday to paid subscribers but then set it free, so that the people of South Africa can be reminded of all these valuable lessons. It’s an election year, and we all need a dose of our Bokke and their big hearts to remind us of who we are.

Stronger Together.

For South Africa.

Sources: SuperSport | Chasing The. Sun 2
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