Freshlyground has released a new song and music video that is lashing out at the current leadership of South Africa. It’s politically charged and catchy!


Freshlygrounds new song is extremely catchy and very politically charged. The song lyrics lash out at the current leadership calling it the ‘Banana Republic’.

Lead singer Zolani Mohale is speaking out against the problems faced by not only average South Africans but by the elite and famous as well. Everyone is affected when the leadership fails.

“The crisis that we have in our leadership right now, it feels like as artist we can’t just continue to sit back and say nothing about this country that we love. I think people should just have a look at the video and just see what their feelings are around it.” –  Lead singer Zolani Mohale 

The band has some powerful lyrics behind the song. One of the sections is especially thought provoking when they call out the President and ask if he is even a human man?

All your people dying in freedom
Suffering a profound lack of leading
Are you even there when we call? Are you a human, man?
Full of lies! Can’t believe what I’m hearing
From your lips a river of scheming
Poisoning all the water we’re drinking
Are we good to go?

Fans are loving the song and its political nature,

“About time artists step out of the shadows and speak against the current state of our beloved country” – Basil Malatse

“Great tune and video and so accurate too. Just another day in the Banana Republic.” – t00

“The Freshly Ground that I know is back, with a bang!” – Tyamie Lundi

Sources: YouTube
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  1. Zolani, as always, captures us with her magical voice. But the message is also very powerful.

    Jean Stanton, I think the fact that many white South Africans just want to ” leave it be” when it comes to Apartheid is a problem.
    If you had no part in it, you need not feel guilty, but we do need to acknowledge the pain and by that I mean TRULY acknowledge it. We need communication. We need to sit with those who lived through it and HEAR their story filled with pain, and cry with them and feel with them that pain they hold still in their hearts today. If we share the pain and try to understand, it is the only way to bring the nation closer.
    Saying “get over it” means that you have no concept of the pain that is still alive in people’s hearts and lives this very day.

    It’s just communication. Being human. Being real. Being humble.

    God bless x

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