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Department of Mineral Resources and Energy and the Central Energy Fund have compiled a list of ways South Africans can be more fuel efficient to help save money.


South Africa (06 October 2022) – The economic uncertainty brought about by global factors has had a significant impact on South African households. One of the results of this economic uncertainty is the impact it has had on global oil prices and subsequently, the price that consumers pay to put fuel in their vehicles or buy paraffin for household use.

Fuel is an essential part of our daily lives which enables us to commute daily, travel long distances and prepare food using paraffin stoves etc. In 2022, South African consumers experienced several fuel hikes, and despite measures taken by the government to ease the burden on consumers, the recent hikes have forced households to reassess how much fuel they consume.

To ease the impact of the fuel hikes on consumers, the government through the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) and National Treasury implemented measures to provide short-term relief to consumers by reducing the fuel levies by R1,50 per litre for both petrol and diesel. This temporary relief was phased out on 03 August 2022. In September, Central Energy Fund (CEF) announced a decrease in the price of petrol both 93 and 95 Octane as well as paraffin and diesel.

As consumers continue to navigate the impact of the changes in fuel prices, the DMRE and CEF have embarked on an educational campaign to encourage households to be fuel savvy by adopting fuel-efficient habits.

Here are some tips and tricks on how consumers can become fuel-savvy on the road.

  • Conduct regular vehicle maintenance
    To ensure that your car saves on fuel consumption make sure that it is serviced and maintained regularly.
  • Use the correct engine oil
    Compromising the oil quality for your car could have an impact on how much fuel your vehicle consumes.
  • Regularly check your tyre pressure
    Vehicle owners must check their tyre pressure approximately every two weeks and ensure that their vehicle has proper wheel alignment.
  • Use air-conditioning
    When driving at high speeds, close the windows and switch on the air-conditioning.
  • Avoid using the cruise control feature
    Avoid using the cruise control feature on curvy or steep roads as this may lead to more fuel consumption.
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary loads
    If possible, avoid carrying items such as boxes and extra luggage as this may increase consumption. Remove things such as trailers, boxes and transport racks if they are not in use. Such items increase wind resistance and the overall weight of the vehicle.
  • Open windows when driving slowly
    When driving at slow speeds, be sure to open the windows and switch off the air-conditioner.
  • Switch off your engine when waiting in a queue or in traffic
    Idling in traffic may lead to more fuel consumption. Switch off your vehicle when waiting in traffic for a long period.
  • Check the condition of the car battery
    If your battery has faults or leaks, this may lead to more fuel consumption.
  • Avoid peak traffic hours
    As a commuter, if possible, avoid travelling during peak traffic hours in the morning and late afternoon.
  • Choose high-quality fuel
    The quality of fuel that you choose for your vehicle also impacts fuel efficiency. E.g., opting for 95 Octane instead of 93 octane fuel.
  • Stick within the speed limit
    Sticking within the stated speed limits on the road will help you to contain your use of fuel. Maintaining the speed limit will help you to avoid accelerating or braking too fast.

Sources: DMRE
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