We were pretty excited about the resignation. After spending years reporting on the efforts of everyday South Africans protesting and calling for Zuma to quit, it was such a relief to finally be able to report the Good News we have all been waiting for.


Zuma is gone! Whoo-hoo what an incredible feeling! To every man, woman and child that stood up and continued to call for his resignation, the efforts have paid off in full and we thank you.

Over the years, we have shared so many stories about Jacob Zuma that we filled 19 pages on our website. These stories included the “Pay Back The Money” movement, that time someone put Nkandla up for sale on OLX, the Anti-Zuma Marches of 2017, the tell-all book that became a best-seller, the time someone photoshopped him into a dress and finally yesterday, to celebrate South Africa’s newfound freedom.

The sense of relief was almost tangible. To celebrate here at Good Things Guy, we removed all our advertising banners and replaced them with a celebration banner for 24-hours. Our home page was completely taken over by the image as well, so every time you came to the site, you would have seen it before entering the site.

It was just a simple image of Jacob Zuma and the date he lost power. We did the same on our two Facebook pages, Good Things Guy and South Afri-CAN as well. You can see the image above if you missed it.

It was just something small but we had to celebrate it somehow. We hope that for our future President, we have the opportunity to share many good stories. We promise to always keep the good news on your timeline.

How did you celebrate Zuma’s resignation? Let us know in the comment section.

Sources: GTG
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