How the Better. Bellville. Together Initiative is Working Wonders
New Boston, Spar better. bellville. together. mural on Voortrekker, Boston - Bellville | Photo Cred: Supplied

The better.bellville.together initiative has become a project worth drawing inspiration from in Cape Town. Here’s how the community are changing their area for the best!


Bellville, South Africa (10 April 2024) – If you haven’t heard, there’s a pretty powerful community-beneficial project sweeping through the streets of Cape Town’s Bellville.

Not only is it a fantastic example of what change looks like when local governments and community powerhouses join hands, it also has the potential to add a lot of value Cape Town’s economy.

Why does this matter?

Well, beyond the obvious economic value, the better. bellville. together Initiative has proven the huge potential possible, when grass-roots change is the first point of call!

How the Better. Bellville. Together Initiative is Working Wonders
Durban Road better.bellville.together mural | Photo Cred: Supplied

What is Better. Bellville. Together?

We’ve highlighted a few success stories (often featuring fabulous community art) before on Good Things Guy. But, there’s much more to the initiative that’s well-worth sharing. The better.bellville.together initiative is a pioneering effort dedicated to revitalising Bellville. It is working on doing this in three main ways:

  • Community engagement
  • Business investment
  • Sustainable practices

Funded by the City of Cape Town through the Economic Growth Directorate, it is administered by the Greater Tygerberg Partnership.

The idea is to leverage community assets and infrastructure as well as services to make a Bellville that’s safer, cleaner and bound to instilling a sense of pride in residents. Because many community members get involved in the projects, they then are better positioned to care for what they have helped create.

So Far, So Good!

So far, better.bellville.together has enjoyed a lot of small victories, including driving business input and investments into Bellville, and creating jobs. Not only this, but residents have become more aware of how to take care of their environment.

From installations across strategic nodes in the CBD with newly planted gardens, freshly painted murals to waste education programmes, separation bins for recycling and the Zero Waste Traders Trial campaign (where traders have been equipped with eco-friendly packaging options), the initiative has already enjoyed public and environmental boosts.

How the Better. Bellville. Together Initiative is Working Wonders
better.bellville.together. infrastructure team – taking care of the new garden in Bellville | Photo Cred: Supplied
How the Better. Bellville. Together Initiative is Working Wonders
Overview of new better.bellville.together. garden | Photo Cred: Supplied

For businesses, Bellville is slowly but surely becoming more prized, with scores of businesses already supporting the initiative.

A Cleaner, Greener Bellville

A big part of the better.bellville.together initiative is focused on the local circular economy. But, taking care of the environment doesn’t just look after the health of this region in Cape Town and it’s people. According to Alderman James Vos who cites the City’s green economy special purpose vehicle, GreenCape, this sector has the potential to add up to R5 billion in value to Cape Town’s economy every year.

So What Does This Show Us?

Investing in your community means playing an active role in its future. Maintenance. And possibilities. Collaboration is key. Active citizenship is even more important. And making sure the community can benefit matters above all.

Be right back, we’re busy taking our hats off to Bellville!

How the Better. Bellville. Together Initiative is Working Wonders
Waste to Art at the Bellville PTI | Photo Cred: Supplied

Sources: GTG; Greater Tygerberg Partnership 
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