Earth Day How To Find Joy And Happiness In Unprecedented Times!
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Joy is what we should be looking for, but it is not something out there – this is an inside job!


Cape Town, South Africa (06 January 2021) – How to find joy and happiness in unprecedented times?

Happiness is a big emotional goal for most people, but most of the time, we attach something to that outcome. “I will be happy if I meet my soulmate, I will be happy when this Pandemic is over, or I will be happy if I have my dream job.” These terms and conditions of happiness can make it fleeting.

Especially when you hear: “Prepare yourself for Wave 3 & 4!”

Immediately, most people go into fear, anger and anxiety. These are only predictions at this point, but people are going into an emotion that is not needed right now. We were given the ability to fight, flight or freeze to get out of a life-threatening situation… Think lion chasing you!

Your mind does not know the difference between the emotion and the event. You are basically already in the “new wave” if you go into those emotions. And we were never designed to stay in that emotion for a long period of time. So how can you get out of it?


Take five minutes and find three things in your life right now that you can be grateful for. Every single person alive on this planet can find one thing… at least! Even if it is only the fact that their heart is still beating.

Now think and take a moment to feel the appreciation of that thing in your life. How does it make your life better and feel/appreciate that?

Do this when you feel overwhelmed!

Do this when you feel fear!

Do this when you feel anger!

Do this when you feel anxiety!

Soon your mind will start looking for things to be grateful for, rather than focus on all the negative emotions and news. In these uncertain times, we can manage one thing: our own healing and growth.

Happiness is an emotion in which we “experience feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense pleasure,” whereas joy “is a stronger, less common feeling than happiness.”

Joy is what we should be looking for, but it is not something out there – this is an inside job!

It is in all of us but layered under years of experiences, conditioning and modelling. Those things created the beliefs, especially the BIG ones like: ’I am not enough, I don’t matter, I don’t belong, I am helpless, or It is not safe for me to be myself.

Think of it as very sticky Post It Notes stuck over your joy.

Going Beyond the 5%

These beliefs lie in our subconscious mind (vault of the mind) and create all the patterns and “operating systems” of our lives.

Dr Joe Dispenza & Dr Bruce Lipton have done years of research on how our minds work. We are only 5% conscious mindset and 95% subconscious. In very basic terms, anything that you want to achieve, (including joy), you only have 5% “control” over. If your subconscious beliefs don’t support your goals, it will be almost impossible to achieve.

Carien Hugo-Waring – a Cape Town-based Transformation Guide that works online with people from 7 different countries – created the Freedom Activation Method. This method identifies and starts the healing subconsciously – it includes Rapid Transformational Therapy, HeartHealing and Life Coaching Methods.

She believes that you can change the subconscious blueprint with guidance! And we shouldn’t give up on ourselves.

Says Carien: ‘’I guide purpose-driven people that feel broken, to heal from the emotional baggage stopping them from recognizing their worth and value, so they can step into their power, know who they are and create a life of next-level authentic freedom.”

For more information to activate joy, contact

Sources: Carien Hugo-Waring
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