A unique concept finally allows you to meet the most stigmatised humans in SA…

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The Human Library is an event that introduces people to the most stigmatised and stereotyped people in SA, allowing you to ask the difficult questions.


The Human Library is a newly launched event in South Africa that hosts positive conversations that can challenge stereotypes and social stigmas through dialogue. Ex-gang members, sex workers, people living with HIV and rape survivors are just some of the people who are stigmatised in South African communities.

The event hopes to engage people and to show that these people are just like us except walking in a different pair of shoes. The concept is to create conversation and to adjust the preconceived idea society has about people who deal with these differences.

“Where books are people, reading is a conversation, and difficult questions are expected and encouraged…” – The Human Library Cape Town.

Madi Van Schalkwyk is the Depot Manager of the Human Library in Cape Town. In an interview with Africa Melane on the CapeTalk Weekend Breakfast show, they discussed the partnership with LeadSA and what the purpose of the event will be.

“You can sit in a one-on-one conversation for 30 minutes and talk to someone about a topic that you might find challenging or would like to understand better.”

“Our intention is to challenge social prejudice and to help people better understand those they share their communities with.”

The end goal is for the library to grow and for the movement to be embraced by South Africa. If a person is wanting to join as a book and share their story or to organise an event, contact the Library here.

The event will take place on Saturday, January 27, from 11 am to 3 pm at the Primedia Broadcasting offices in Cape Town. The address is Somerset Square, Suite 7D 7 Highfield Road, Green Point. The event is free to attend, but Madi asks that you register online at Eventbrite to get your ticket.

Sources: LeadSA
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