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An incredibly inspirational video that every single human needs to watch, has been released by a South African initiative changing the world.


The incredible initiative – The Philanthropic Collection – released the video on Tuesday at the launch to the 2017 chapter of the CEO SleepOut.

The Philanthropic Collection is a boutique social enterprise, where they tailor haute-couture brands for philanthropy. Their appliqué is made up of global leaders, influencers and forecasters, all creating conscious capital for humanity.

“The allure of The Philanthropic Collection did not start because we wanted to continue doing business as usual. It began because it is distinctively on trend.”

“We did not want to replicate the passé charity trade, but instead focus as much of our artistry on advancing each other, as we do on advancing industries and technologies.”

With its unlimited direction firmly set in the global trend of social innovation, The Philanthropic Collection – a one of a kind on the African Continent – was founded by Pioneering Philanthropist, Ali Gregg.

To display these Creations, The Philanthropic Collection attracted a team of inspirational innovators, thinkers and dreamers, who came together to use their for-profit attire, to shape a new world.

The Philosophy behind their Quest is inspired by activist, Dan Pallotta, who said, “The way we think about charity is dead wrong.”

“For years, for-profits were rewarded for reaching big commercial goals, even if they came with large overheads, while non-profits were expected to achieve great change, without dipping into the bottom line.”

Their Philosophy is that it’s time to approach philanthropy with the same pattern as we do mainstream business, and focus on mending the world, instead of simply keeping expenses low.

“We believe that these big goals begin with daring dreams, because dreams keep us young, while achievements keep us old. So we dare to dream in every dimension; an extraordinary blend of big imagination and minute detail, provided they all foster human kindness.”

Human Kindness is the main focus of the initiative and brought to life beautifully in the video. Watch it below:

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