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Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe was seated next to President Donald Trump during a dinner for the G20 Summit so she pretended not to speak English to avoid him.


The world probably never would have known this golden piece of information if Donald Trump hadn’t beamed about what a marvelous lady Akie Abe was.

Akie Abe is the wife of Japan’s Prime Minister, so one would assume she is a worldly woman, not speaking English was quite a shock to Donald Trump… Only now it seems she actually can speak English and just chose not to while around the controversial president.

“She’s a terrific woman, but doesn’t speak English … Like, not ‘hello’.” – President Donald Trump

Once people saw the interview comment in the New York Times they became perplexed as there are numerous video’s online of Akie Abe speaking English. While she isn’t fluent she is able to converse easily. Quickly the internet exploded with theories and the best one being that Akie simply avoided having to talk to Trump by pretending not to understand him.

If this really is the case, one which we will probably never get confirmation on, it’s possibly the most genius idea to avoid someone!

The proof of her English skills are this, she attended English Schools in Tokyo while a child. She worked at a PR firm that worked extensively in the English market and like we said earlier, there are YouTube video’s of her speeches in English.

Twitter found this idea hilarious and called her their hero.

Sources: The Guardian 
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