Must See: The Kiffness and a Nick Mallet Parody account are having a hilarious TWAR.

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The Kiffness & a Nick Mallet Parody account have taken to Twitter and are having a hilarious TWAR (Twitter War) with versus memes.


David Scott from The Kiffness is no stranger to social media controversy, from calling out Woolworths, to calling out festivals who don’t pay and now they’re calling out Nick Mallet. Kind of.

The Kiffness posted a tweet comparing George Clooney to Nick Mallet, where as Clooney was a Woolworths brand… and Mallet was a PicknPay.

The tweet caused many laughs, with one user commenting that the correlation works because when you go into the former (Woolworths), you won’t find what you’re looking for, but in the latter (PicknPay) you may pick up a mallet.

A couple of hours later, a Nick Mallet “parody” account replied with a hilarious tweet that he is calling “just banter” between the two and even though The Kiffness retweeted it, social media users have already called it a TWAR and are patiently waiting on The Kiffness to see what they have to say.

Sources: Twitter
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