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Amy Fisher had 3 Facebook friends leave SA for “greener pastures” but she wanted them to know something important about South Africa, so she listed them.


Amy Fisher LOVES South Africa just as much as we do. She was inspired to share some helpful tips for South Africans leaving home and moving overseas after 3 of her own friends left to go live in Australia and New Zealand, all of them leaving on the same day.

Her tips have inspired so many people and are just too brilliant not to share as far and wide as possible. She doesn’t want to shame anyone for leaving, just inspire them to remain proudly South African on their new journeys.

Amy also left South Africa, she now lives on the Isle of Man, so she has some insight on what it is like to be a South African living in another part of the world.

“Good luck, all the best, you’ve made a brave change, but here are some tips that I feel are important (for ME, perhaps not for all).”

These are Amy’s tips on how to stay Proudly South African outside of South Africa.

  • You’re South African, and no matter your citizenship, you’ll always really be South African. Say it proudly, don’t waiver when someone might suggest that a white Saffa (even one living abroad) can be anything other than 100% patriotic and loyal.
  • Don’t speak negatively about your homeland to your new friends and colleagues as though it’s a corrupt crime-ridden dump. South Africa is a magnificent place – a bit broken, but beautiful and wild and never beyond repair.
  • For God sake, don’t change your accent. Apart from the scientific part that it’s engrained in your brain, altering your twang to fit in just ends up sounding plain awful. Also, use the silly SA slang – I say howzit and kiff and if they don’t understand, that’s their problem.
  • Don’t brag to friends and family back home about how amaaaazing your new life is. Nowhere is perfect. Isle of Man is KAK COLD and I’ll moan about it to anyone who will listen.
  • Find the stores that sell Mrs Balls and biltong and green creme soda. Keep that Springbok cap and rugby shirt. Wave your rainbow nation flag around with glee. This stuff is all comforting when you’re feeling a bit lost.
  • Sing Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica often. It’s a powerful anthem and you’re an important part of the lyrics.
  • Embrace the culture and kaleidoscope of your new home, it’s rude not to indulge and eventually normalise yourself with the ways of your environment. But sprinkle some special Saffa flavour into all that you do.

“Okay, that’s all. Go and learn a Haka dance or whatever, but throw in a, ‘voetsek’ at the end.”

So there you have it, if you have left or are leaving, just remember these simple tips and all will be ok. Thanks for sharing these Amy, they are so good!

Sources: Facebook
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    December 18, 2018 at 9:39 am

    What do you say to people in your new country when they ask “if it’s so great, why did you leave”?

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