Looking: The Movie‘s first official trailer brings Patrick back to San Francisco where all his troubles kindly waited for him.

As the first series to center on the lives of gay men since Showtime’s Queer as Folk. Which concluded in 2005 after a five-season run. Looking was cause for celebration by a community that’s often shown the cold shoulder by major TV studios and Hollywood.

But with that goodwill also came intense scrutiny.

Starved for representation in mainstream media, gay audiences rightly wanted to see their experience reflected in the show. Looking ultimately didn’t deliver on that universal front. Instead opting to focus on the specific journeys of a group of close gay friends in San Francisco.

The first season started out unsteadily, with uneven characterizations and a rather torpid pace. It found its groove mid-season during an episode titled Looking at the Future. Which devoted all of its time to tracking an eventful day between the show’s protagonist, video game designer Patrick (Groff) and his hairdresser love interest Richie. Suddenly, Looking felt alive and singular.

By the time the second season concluded, which included the introduction of an HIV-positive character. Looking had begun to find its voice as a sexy, graceful and deftly moving series depicting a group of imperfect gay men slowly coming into their own.

That voice will have its swansong in HBO’s upcoming feature-length special, Looking: the Movie. Which the cable channel greenlit shortly after canceling the show.


Going home never looked so complicated.

It’s been one year since Patrick left San Francisco for Colorado, choosing an escape route in favor of navigating through the heartache of losing Kevin, winning back Richie, or having neither.

But Patrick’s return for a mystery wedding — most likely Doris and Malik’s big day — sets him on the path to wrap up all his loose ends in San Francisco.

One interesting situation that the trailer sets up is whether or not Dom and Patrick should just say, “what the hell,” and give their love a shot.

In the first two seasons Dom and Patrick revealed that they became friends after hooking up. Now, quite a few years removed from their initial dalliance, is the obvious staring them in the face?

Dom’s reaction to Patrick’s suggestion that maybe they should just lean into the comfort of their relationship is priceless. “You are actually scaring me right now.” You and us both, Dom.

Regardless of what Patrick decides to do or not do. We still have plenty of other lose ends to tie up including Eddie and Agustîn’s one year relationship jitters. Doris and Malik’s maybe-maybe-not wedding, and the answer to the biggest question of all. What ever happen to Dom’s chicken business?

“Sometimes you got to leave things behind to move forward,” Richie says to Patrick in the trailer. Most likely conveying Haigh’s sentiments to the TV industry and Hollywood (his last film, 45 Years, was hugely acclaimed and earned Charlotte Rampling an Oscar nomination).

Although Looking ended much too soon, hopefully the gap it left should encourage a diverse slate of gay-themed shows and films to emerge.

Looking: the Movie airs on HBO 23 July.

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