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Jules, the frontwoman of GOODLUCK, recently underwent breast reduction surgery and used the opportunity to challenge medical aids… and it worked!


Cape Town, South Africa (07 February 2020) – On the 29th of January, Jules the frontwoman for the band GOODLUCK, spoke out against the current medical aid policies relating to breast reduction surgeries.

She has suffered from back pain most of her life and decided to have the life-changing breast reduction surgery, but Jules was shocked to find that her medical aid wouldn’t cover the operation, thankfully, her career afforded her the opportunity to pay for it privately.

Jules lay recovering from the surgery but couldn’t shake the feeling of being let down by her medical aid. They deemed the operation as cosmetic, but the surgery is, in fact, preventative to severe back problems later in life.

While she could afford to cover the costs, she lay there thinking of every woman who can’t.

Jules took to social media to vent her frustrations and stirred a movement she never dreamed needed starting. She then challenged Momentum and Discovery medical aids to reach out so they could discuss the policies that were “clearly written by men”.

She called it “boobgate” and hoped the attention it was receiving would boost her challenge and it seems to have worked!

Momentum quickly jumped on board to openly discuss their policies with Jules.

Jules and Momentum have had some really positive conversations over the past few days and the Medical Aid company “appreciate the awareness” she has raised around the issue of breast reductions. The medical aid company have also agreed to review its processes and benefit options and to provide feedback to Jules, its members and South Africa once this review has concluded.

However, Discovery has yet to come to the table to chat.

Read the full update from Jules below:

“Update – after so many of you shared my story and commented with your own experiences on ‘boobgate’ it forced open quite a big can of worms and the medical aids have had to take notice.

So far we have met with momentum who have agreed that a few of their policy benefits are outdated and that they have to look at a number of procedures (mostly specifically pertaining to women) that have to be updated and included. They have promised to do this in their next review cycle in September and will be giving us a date so we can give you all feedback on what they review and which procedures will be putting back in the list. I consider this quite a BIG win but will all depend if they stick to their promises!

They were quite open and honest with me and I learnt a lot in a short space of time, let’s just say I do have a bit more empathy towards their position and their job is not an easy one (juggling that reserve fund, what they have to cover and what they should cover). Discovery have reached out to say they wanted to connect but so far they haven’t called… Maybe you guys can tag them and we can light a bit of a fire under their bums. At the end of the day, I might have told my story but you guys pushed the snowball off this cliff.

I’m healing up and doing much better although the shooting pains are real! Can’t wait to get back to music. With love, Jules”

This is incredible news. We are setting a reminder in our calenders so come September; we can remind Momentum of their promises and see if changes are implemented in their review.

You should do the same.

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