Missing Tigers, R1 Billion Deals Gone Wrong, Silent Discos And Loadshedding
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Missing tigers, R1 billion deals gone wrong, silent discos, loadshedding and a week away from Valentine’s… this is “from the desk of Good Things Guy”. A weekly bite-sized look – into the good and bad – of South Africa.


Johannesburg, South Africa (07 February 2023) – Last week, South Africa woke up to another tiger on the loose; this week, to a Grammy award, a billion rand tourism deal that went very wrong, the news that Idols has been cancelled, more loadshedding and shops adorned with Valentine’s gifts.

It’s like an egg-basket of emotions in South Africa on a daily basis. This place is wild but it’s not all bad.

The SPCA and SAPS are still searching for that tiger. Meanwhile, the security company involved in its alleged capture have appointed themselves as patrons of said tiger and “just” want everyone to stop asking about the tiger.

Has the tiger gone to the same place as the ten babies?

Well, we’ll never know because the artist formerly known as Piet Rampedi (who goes by a different name these days) has resigned from his position as Pretoria News editor but still stands behind his story that the ten babies were definitely born… even though acting Public Protector advocate Kholeka Gcaleka released a 57-page report confirming that there is no evidence the babies’ mother was ever pregnant, or that they ever existed at all.

So when it comes to missing tigers and decuplet babies, we might never know what actually happened here but we can always be thankful that we all now know what a “group of ten” is called. Great for when we make our way down to Cape Town for the Rugby 10s again.

Talking about travel, the entire country is not sure what is going on with the Department of Tourism. In just one week, a billion rand decision (or leaked decision) to sponsor Tottenham Hotspur has been lambasted by the majority of South Africa, three SA Tourism board members stepped down over the weekend and then news broke that the interim Chief Financial Officer actually has direct ties to the agency (WWP) that brokered the deal. You see, he is also the Financial Director of WWP. And the Director of WWP.

So he basically wrote a cheque out for R31,3 million… for himself.

There was slight confusion on social media with regard to the agency’s name. We wanted to help clear that up for you.

  • WPP is one of the largest advertising companies in the world, with a reputable brand based in London. WPP has approximately 130,000 employees throughout its portfolio of businesses across more than 100 countries.
  • WWP is an entirely unknown agency with massive ties to Tourism South Africa and is based in Lonehill. We have no clue how many employees they have but the interim CFO of SA Tourism is also the FD of WWP. They have 30 followers on Twitter.

Oh, there was also an announcement made on Saturday that later this month, a silent disco was planned to take place on Robben Island. It also had something to do with the Tourism Minister (she featured prominently on Robbin Island’s social media) but that got pulled pretty quickly. Like, the next day, after social media called the entire event tone-deaf. A silent disco that is tone-deaf? This joke writes itself.

While Lindiwe was putting out flames that even the President distanced himself from (I bet he was pretty shocked though), a comedian and radio host posted a photo that was taken in 2019 at the O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, stating that there was “Chaos at OR Tambo International Airport as tourists flock to South Africa following R1 Billion SA Tourism deal with Tottenham Hotspur. Guest houses and hotels warned to prepare for barrage.”

Photo Cred: Rory Petzer | Twitter

The post instantly went viral, with the majority of social media users laughing at the entire situation. Some thought it was true, while others wanted to call him out for “spreading fake news”. It gained so much attention that the official O.R. Tambo Airport social media account responded to calm “any feelings of trepidation”, stating that operations at the airport are entirely normal at the moment.

Hashtag, we can see the rugby jerseys. LOL.

CNN’s Richard Quest is also in town. Not sure why but he’s here and one of his first social media posts (to his 510,000 followers) was about being hit by loadshedding. Tell me again, how the Tottenham Hotspur’s “deal” will help with our tourism when that is the first thing our tourists are hit with.

I digress.

The British journalist is here and so is Loadshedding; you may even be reading this while in a blackout right now (anywhere between stage 2 and stage 6, depending on what time/day it is). Luckily Cyril has just announced a R1,5 Trillian five-year investment plan to “bolster South Africa’s just transition to a greener economy. Not sure if this is going to help with our loadshedding or if it is being funded by his couch.

It’s also the State of the Nation (SONA) address this Thursday. We can only hope that the “leaders” of our country read the room. The crime is out of control. The corruption is happening right under our noses. Inflation is making it incredibly tough to survive and poverty stats are harrowing. Many government officials are at the helm of our challenges. This year, we don’t need someone telling us what the “state of the nation” is while wearing our taxes. We need the government to take accountability for what is broken, tell us how they’re going to fix it and then actually fix it. Maybe with a time stamp. Oh look, the 2024 elections are right around the corner.

Ja, it’s wild out there and many of our politicians, government representatives and other people feeding at the public trough are awful, with questionable morals and ethics. But for every one corrupt/bad news/unbelievably shocking story that surfaces… there are one hundred other good ones. No, thousands. Think of the Thulis, the Tutus and the Gift of the Givers. The homeless who direct traffic. The kind humans fixing potholes for free. The strangers who chat in queues. The athletes who fly our flag high. The anti-poaching units who work hardest when the sun goes down. Organisations like OUTA who are at the forefront of fighting for what is right. The whistleblowers. The thousands of volunteers who feed millions daily. The charities keeping South Africans warm in the winter. And even just the person next to you in traffic who offer a smile.

We’re all in this together and we’ll get through it together. Not because the government did anything of substance but because the people did.

As Mandy Wiener would say, look for the “the hope dealers”.

There is another side to counter the craziness, to recalibrate the universe and remind us that good things are still happening in South Africa. So to remind you of some of those feel-good moments, here are the top ten GOOD THINGS that happened last week as well.

  1. Nomcebo Zikode, Wouter Kellerman and Zakes Bantwini have won a Grammy award for their beautiful song Bayethe.
  2. A South African Bank was named the Strongest Banking Brand in the World – A first for Africa!
  3. A young South African wrote to Garmin asking for a job… they didn’t reply but rather surprised him at school with a brand-new watch and asked him to apply again when he was done with his studies.
  4. ​​​​JMPD Sergeant Connie Nkuna had an extra reason to stand tall after recently helping to deliver a baby girl. And it set social media alight with all the feels.
  5. The City of Cape Town has been voted one of the “Most Instagrammable” places in the world for the fifth year running and we are so proud!
  6. Bob the Green Turtle is swimming freely after spending eight years recovering and healing at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Now he can start the rest of his life!
  7. A rhino poacher’s prison sentence was increased from 11 to 15 years on appeal. May there be many more.
  8. A woman who started her career as a domestic worker and only received her matric certificate at 38 years old recently became the General Manager of a beautiful hotel in Pretoria.
  9. The Groote Schuur Academic Hospital in Cape Town recently celebrated 85 years of helping South Africans.
  10. And a story about how a small act of kindness not only ended a bullying cycle for Trevor Romain, but it has gone on to inspire thousands of kids and taught them how they can actually change someone else’s life.

I hope this week, you face challenges with hope in your heart and you never forget that in times of tragedy, we always need to look for the helpers… the hope dealers! Because I promise you, they will always be there.

That’s it.

Okay. Love you. Bye.

Sources: Various – all linked.
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