A recent post is being shared rapidly around social media claiming to be a competition to win a new Mustang, but here’s why its not what it seems… and more so, why you should stop sharing it.


Between all the fake news on social media being shared, users also need to be aware of something called “Like-Farming”.

It’s basically where a page is created to gain likes and then it is sold, rebranded and used for another product or service.

The current post from a page called ‘Mustang Pasion‘ has already been shared almost 300 000 times and had over 200 000 engagements by simply making this claim:

“My name is Kevin M.James I am Owner of Ford Mustang.”

“We are giving 2 Ford Mustang On February 1st 2017”

“2 Lucky Winners Will Be Announced On February 1st !!”

“Step 1) Like this post”
“Step 2) Share on your wall”
“Step 3) Comment Done”

“Good Luck to everyone!”

Peter Du Toit, FutureWork IQ South Africa opinion leader, pointed out how to spot a ”Like-Farming’ page in an effort to educate social media users and end the new trend.

Information Literacy, which refers to the ability to evaluate information and sort the credible from the not credible is going to be crucial going forward.

This Mustang ‘competition’ is an exact case in point:

  1. Did you notice the spelling of Passion?
  2. Did you notice the post has been edited to go from manger to owner?
  3. Did you notice there are no details in the about section?
  4. Did you notice the page only starting posting on Jan 25th?
  5. Did you notice the pig?

For those that don’t know – this is what they call ‘Like-Farming’. Once the page has sufficient likes etc. it is sold and the name is changed to some other product, now with a ready audience.

By sharing and engaging with the post, you rapidly increase Facebook’s algorithms to showcase the page even more… which means more users will think they will stand the chance of winning the mustang.

In 2017 we are *all* going to need to up our digital literacy.

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