Opinion: Why you should NEVER visit South Africa!

Why you should NEVER visit South Africa!? Another day… another internet question answered!


An anonymous user posted the question to Quora, a platform used to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world.

They asked the simple question, why should a foreigner NEVER visit South Africa and a user of the platform offered up an inspirational answer.

Caitlin Busscher, an avid traveler who has visited over 20 countries in the past five year explained why she believed South Africa was in fact a place EVERYONE should visit.

“My husband and I visited South Africa for our fifth anniversary three years ago and it was spectacular.

Granted, we visited a teeny tiny piece of South Africa—which is a very large country. Like many tourists, we visited Cape Town post-safari (which we took in Botswana).

Prior to our travels, I had heard from other travelers to be very cautious in Cape Town – watch out for pickpockets and for violence. It even went so far that people told me not to wear my wedding rings. These were from travelers who I don’t presume to be overly-cautious.

So we arrived in Cape Town and I removed my rings and prepared to be vigilant. And I felt ridiculous for worrying. Yes, there are bad parts of the city – but there are bad parts of New York City (which is my favorite city in the world), and as long as you are smart and aware, you should be fine. And I’ve had family who have been pickpocketed in Italy and I’ve been pickpocketed in Shanghai – it can happen anywhere (and does happen just about everywhere). To me, the saddest part about the city were the townships – a very real reminder of how recent apartheid ended and how much work still needs to be done. The fact that people’s poverty is commercialized for tourists’ enjoyment on organized tours makes me equally uncomfortable. \

Long story short, I wore my rings the rest of the trip.

But none of these are reasons not to visit South Africa (or, from my limited experience, particularly Cape Town). The city is beautiful, with rich and important history. We took a free walking tour to learn about the history of apartheid and the vibrance of communities in the post-apartheid era. We climbed Lion’s Head and rappelled off of Table Mountain, two beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The food and drink scenes were awesome (visit the secret gin bar behind the organic chocolate shop!), not to mention the US dollar goes really far – so everything is relatively cheap. We rented a car and drove down to the southwestern most tip of Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meat. We visited wineries, one with a duck parade (they work better than pesticides). We went to markets and haggled for beautiful handmade art that we now proudly display in our home.

Overall, our trips to all the locations in Africa we visited were some of my favorite adventures we’ve ever had.

I would be hard pressed to ever resolutely say “never visit X”, because never is such a definitive word. I would be hard pressed to say there is anyplace I wouldn’t visit, given the opportunity and the right circumstances.

South Africa is a place I do hope to return to one day, and one day soon.”

Sources: Quora 
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