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So here’s some inspiration on the second last day of the year… if you want 2022 to be a better year than the last, then don’t sit on the couch and wait for it. Let’s make it happen – even while wearing masks and physical distancing.


Johannesburg, South Africa (30 December 2021) – The day before New Years is always a good time for reflection… and 2021 has been an incredibly tough year.

The past 2 years have made me realise that the world is filled with lots of sadness, and many people are dealing with stuff that we can’t even comprehend. People are walking around us while fighting the biggest monsters, dealing with things that we will never understand.

I have lost friends to COVID, cancer and suicide – just thinking about the number of people that are no longer here is heartbreaking. I have friends who have been job-searching for 18 months and hundreds of acquaintances and strangers who message me daily asking for money or food. It’s one of the most difficult things to be on the frontline of poverty, knowing that I do not have all the resources to help.

Just utterly soul-destroying.

Crime in our country is a stark reality that many of us have become numb to, but it’s real, and we are all impacted by its continuous onslaught – every day. And so many of the people I love have left South Africa to create a new life in a country that offers them everything that this place cannot; this is not a bad thing for them, but I am a little sad that they are not “down the road” anymore.

2021 has also been a big year of learning about mental health and wellness for me. It’s been a year where I have had to face my own monsters head-on, and believe me when I say I have lost many of those fights. I realised that we need to be talking openly about our innermost problems, and we need to be checking in on those we love.


We all have incredibly tough stuff that we’re dealing with – even if we don’t talk about it – and yet somehow, we keep getting up every single day, and we just keep going.

I guess that’s why I try to advocate for more kindness and to love louder.

So here’s some inspiration on the second last day of the year… if you want 2022 to be a better year than the last, then don’t sit on the couch and wait for it. Let’s make it happen – even while wearing masks and physical distancing.

Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Get excited about your goals. Grind like you still got a point to prove. Network with the right people. Get rid of the ones that are not. Step out of your comfort zones. Be brave when it comes to challenges. Feed your mind. Go out there and make things happen. Complain less. Let sh*t go. Stop negative habits. Keep your circle positive. Smile, laugh and love often. Make kindness a priority. Keep counting your blessings. Talk about the things you love. Try new things out. Travel when you can. Live in your means. Spend more time with your loved ones. Take good care of your body and soul. Make happiness a priority. Love louder.

And if you can’t fathom to be inspired today, then take a deep breath and try again tomorrow. Just please don’t stop trying and always remember that you will have tomorrow. Just give it one more go. Just hold on. Please, keep holding on.

Love, light and good things to all of you.

Here’s to winning in 2022… a new chapter in our book of life.

Okay. Love you. Bye.

Moments Of Kindness - A Reminder That What We Do Matters!
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Sources: Brent Lindeque | Good Things Guy 
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